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Photo: The returning Kane

photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment

(photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment)

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  1. Ryan says:

    that is OBVIOUSLY the Undertaker. Look at the chin and eyebrow region.

  2. Riten says:

    Yep, Tattoos And All!

  3. Silenzi says:

    Just look at the beard. Kane never had beard but the undertaker has. I think they will make a feud between them that runs to wrestlemania. Kane vs masked Kane. Kane vs Undertaker.

  4. Vinnie says:

    you guys must be blind!!! just look at the smirk and the eyes! It’s Kane, the original and best Kane… not Undertaker.. I hope you guys are just talking crap cause seriously… a two-year-old could tell you that’s Kane!

  5. Fisha695 says:

    Kane did have a Goatee back when he wore the mask.

    Overall I think the mask is stupid. It’s too tight around his fat chin, it has a permanent Peoples Eyebrow (guess he’s on Team Bring-It), the fake wrinkle lines on the forehead, the fake hair again, the fact that it’s not setting on his face straight, etc.

    Plus it’s not like anything is going to change, he’ll be back to jobbing within a month.

  6. RJ Ace says:

    If that’s the Undertaker, what happened to all the tattoo’s guys?

  7. joshua shaver says:

    Obviously those who question this being Kane need to remember Kane did have Hair and a beard when he first dawn the mash in 1997. When Kane masked changed in 2002, Kane looked fimiliar. Obviously, WWE could not wait to unvile Kane’s new look.

  8. Fisha695 says:

    Pictures of old Masked Kane with Goatee just to put any doubts to rest.

    I just want to know if he’s actually going to commit to growing his hair back out of if he’s just gonna continue to use the wig.

  9. -J- says:

    Lol they will likely let supercena unmask him next week.

  10. Beast says:

    KANE ALWAYS HAD A BEARD WHEN HE HAD HIS MASK IN THE PAST! Stop being so stupid! It’s KANE!!! KANE!!! KANE!!! Glen!!!!

  11. Ryan says:

    I guess no one even read my comment. Yeah, even had kane never had a beard, that would be a dumb reason to say that that isn’t Kane. Look at the eyebrow. Kane has never had an eyebrow like that. Makeup. Makeup can cover up tattoos. Makeup is your answer. Also, that smirk is TOTALLY undertaker-ish, not at all like the smirk Kane has.

  12. Zack says:

    Its entirely possible that in the time he was out he let his hair grow for a few months and got hair extensions so it would be long again. Idiots.

  13. Ryan says:
    Look at the very last picture on this slideshow.

    Now look at the throats of “Kane” and Glen Jacobs. Almost the exact same angle that they are looking, and the throat of “Kane” looks just like the old-man throat of the Undertaker. Glen Jacob’s throat looks more like a normal person’s throat. HHHMMMM

  14. Zack says:


  15. RKO4LIFE says:

    I seriously doubt this is the Undertaker pretending to be Kane. That is a bit far out there even for WWE

  16. AJ Starr says:

    It amazes me how absolutely stupid you people are.

    Glen Jacobs wore a damn mask for years… YEARS… and you still can’t tell when it’s him?

    I always say that WWE markets towards the “lowest common denominator… and I’m seeing nothing here to dispute it!

    If you can’t tell that’s Glen Jacobs… shut up, and stop making yourselves look foolish. It’s NOT Mark Callaway…. get the hell over it!

  17. b says:

    idk, i can see both of them. I never realized how much they could actually look alike.

  18. Mackdeezy says:

    …. Methinks its time for another episode of “conspiracy theorists”

    Why would they have Mark (taker) Play another role while hes out in Texas working on real estate and resting with michelle when Glenn was perfectly capable of playing this role. This is just like those who think kane was the imposter taker in 94 When it wad Brian Lee and those who thought taker was the imposter Kane a couple years ago when it was really Luke Gallows.

  19. Fisha695 says:

    So @Ryan what you’re saying is that Undertaker gained 30lbs and got his tattoos removed so that he could fill in for Glen who has just been sitting on the sidelines for a few months waiting for creative to come up with a way for him to get back into it?

    It’s not Taker, it never was to be taker and had Sin Cara or Mysterio been fit to compete at Mania then Kane would’ve come back maskless as the only reason he has a Mask on is because WWE wants to do some stupid world record thing with Mask at Mania.

    Also if you watch the video of his return you can see this weird vein thing on his arm by his one shoulder which you can also see in his other matches.

    Also Kane has a fatter nose then Taker and you can clearly see the fatter/thicker nose in that last picture you point too.

  20. P says:

    I couldn’t say one way or the other for definite, but the eyes alone make me think it’s ‘Taker.

  21. theprincedann says:

    Undertaker isnt that stocky/wide.. :/

  22. Bommaniac says:

    So that’s where Brodus Clay has been.

  23. Ryan says:

    MAKEUP people (@Fisha). Makeup doesn’t only go on the face. Makeup can go on the body to cover things up like blemishes, scars, and TATTOOS.

    This could open up a HUGE realm of possibilities for storylines. For one, why is Undertaker impersonating Kane?

    I mean, I love how you ALL are calling me an idiot and your only “proof” for this not being Taker is that he doesn’t have tattoos. Look at his eyes, eyebrow region, chin (NOT facial hair, the facial hair has nothing to do with this), throat, and lips. The lips are too thin to be Kane’s. If anyone is a mark, its everyone on here who has just blindly said that’s Kane. At least I have reasons for thinking this may possibly be Undertaker.

  24. RJ Ace says:

    @Ryan- When Kane cuts a promo next week, are you gonna say it’s the really the Undertaker but they just used Glen Jacobs voice over the loud speakers. I personally brought up the tattoos because that is the most obvious flaw in your theory. Besides that, Glen Jacobs looks nothing like Mark Calloweay in the face or body. People can believe what they want just like there are still people that believe the original Ultimate Warrior. You will be proven wrong within 2 weeks.

  25. RJ Ace says:

    * People that still believe the original Ultimate Warrior died.

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