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Photo: The returning Kane

photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment

(photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment)

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  1. matt says:

    @ryan Are you 10 years old or a complete idiot? Maybe actually watch the video of him returning? The smirk at the end couldn’t make it clearer that it is Glen Jacobs. Stop this ridiculous, non sensical idea that it’s the undertaker. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  2. Ryan says:

    I hope I am proven wrong to be honest. And I poked a pretty big hole in your “tattoo flaw” theory of yours. If he does sound like Kane, then of course I’ll believe its Kane. But ffs, this guy looks JUST like the Undertaker in the face. Everyone I watched this with last night has said the same thing. Its not like I’m saying there is a huge conspiracy or anything. Its just going to be part of the storyline, that’s all.

  3. says:

    Looks stupid, I preferred him when he first took off the mask and wore that towel, then they dropped the ball on him big time, lawls!

  4. Fisha695 says:

    @Ryan Arm Makeup? Yeah because that won’t wear off easily in a match???

    If you look at the pictures and compare it to pictures of Glen you can see that it is him. Not to mention the crazy arm vein that Glen has.

    For example the half-masked Kane.

    The lips look the same there as they did last night. And if you look at pictures of last night you can see his fat chin & throat all deformed from the elastic strap that holds on the bottom of the mask.

    You keep mentioning the Eyebrow region? Are you talking about the fact that they let him grow them back, or that the mask has a permanent Peoples Eyebrow? If you’re talking about the mask remember the the unmasked version of the character often made that facial gesture.

    WWE did the “Taker playing Kane” thing years ago and it was a failure then, that’s one thing they’re not stupid enough to do again.

    It’s not the same body shape as Mark, it’s not the same nose shape as Mark, and it had distinguishing marks (that crazy arm vein) that Glen had. Face it kid, it’s not Mark playing the part of Kane it’s Glen.

    @RJ Ace, people still think that when Kane switched from 1 sleeve to 2 sleeves that it was a completely different person & then when he switched to no-sleeves that it was yet again another person.

  5. Ryan says:

    I bet 20 bucks I’m older than you and have more experience with facial features/recognition than you. 😉 But anyway, has he HAD a match yet? No, he hasn’t! What a great point. And the eyebrow region of his FACE, not the eyebrow hair, looks identical to the undertaker. And they had Undertaker as Kane for ONE night, and it was a pretty big thing as it totally fit into that storyline.

  6. Kerry says:

    “I just want to know if he’s actually going to commit to growing his hair back out of if he’s just gonna continue to use the wig.”

    Did you stop to think that maybe he can’t grow his hair back out, which is the reason he’s had a bald head & wore the wig when he wore the mask the first time?

  7. AJ Starr says:

    Oh for the love of….

    It WASN’T The Undertaker.

    Get… over… it!

  8. ThePreston says:

    IMO it’s either original Kane, Glenn Jacobs,
    or Chyna is back and off the hormones.

  9. Adman says:

    Dudes…I hate to spill it to you and I really can’t believe all the smarks didn’t catch it but it was Taker. How can you NOT see that? Look closely, it ain’t Glen. That smirk was the tell that it WAS Taker. I saw it on DVR and immediately my wife and I both said “That isn’t Kane…it’s Taker.” Not sayin I couldn’t be wrong, but I’ll be damned if I’m wrong. There’s something huge brewing here.

  10. Adman says:

    And AJ and Matt? Why so hateful? Wrestling is supposed to be fun and unpredictable. If a few of us have inklings that its Taker, so what? You don’t have to be nasty about it, damn. Ya take all the fun out of it…

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