12/10 ROH on Sinclair Recap

Dec 12, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

ROH On Sinclair 12/10/2011

by Michael Thompson

-The Announcers talk up the main event of All Night Express VS Haas & Benjamin
-Caprice Coleman/Cedric Alexander cut a promo on the Briscoes saying that last time it was 2 on 1 but anytime the Briscoes wanted a rematch they would be ready

1) Coleman & Alexander VS. Bravado Brothers
-Cedric and Harlem Bravado start things off, Harlem gets a “Justin Bieber” chant which was amusing. Pretty standard stuff early on with neither man getting a clear advantage. Harlem eventually gets the advantage and tags in Lance to follow up with a double team maneuver. Cedric eventually tags out to Coleman and the two regain the advantage with a combination of double team moves before tagging Cedric back in. Cedric spent most of the match selling for the Bravados to build the heat before Alexander got the hot tag to Caprice Coleman.
-Coleman hit a leg lariat and some clotheslines to both Bravados and Cedric hit a nice dive to the outside before hitting a frogsplash on Harlem. Harlem tagged out to Lancelot at some point who then took some punishment from Coleman and Alexander who hit a neat looking backbreaker+neckbreaker double team to get the pin.
-Chris Silvio & TJ Perkins cut promos on each other to hype up their match

2) Chris Silvio VS TJ Perkins
-Fast paced match with the wrestlers exchanging holds on the matt in the early going. Perkins hit a nice hurricanrana but was then cut off by Silvio with a headscissors. Perkins escaped and hit a nice dropkick to go on the offensive. Silvio rolled out of the ring and commenced stalling tactics which got some heat from the crowd until Perkins eventually cut him off and they brawled on the outside of the ring. Back inside the ring Silvio hit a rolling senton for a near fall and continued to work over Perkins until he hit a nice kick to regain the advantage.
-Perkins hit a dive onto Silvio outside the ring and sold that he hurt his knee. They brawled back into the ring and exchanged moves until Perkins locked an ankle lock on, but Silvio was able to escape. Silvio hit a powerbomb for another near fall. Perkins hit flying double knees and a “Detonation Kick” to get the pinfall.

-They aired a recap of the Bennett VS. Jay Lethal feud over the TV title
-They then aired another Eddie Edwards/Dan Severn video packages hyping the match against Davie Richards.
-Hype for the main event ANX VS WGTT if ANX wins they get a future title shot.

3) All Night Express (Rhett Titus, Kenny King) VS Wrestlings Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas)
– Good match as would be expected with these 4 men in the ring. Kenny King & Shelton Benjamin started things out exchanging strikes and wrestling moves. Shelton eventually got the advantage with his mat wrestling skills. King made a tag to Titus who went to work on Benjamin who got punished until he was able to tag in Charlie Haas. Haas turned the tables on Titus and hit lots of crisp moves in quick succession.
-Match continued at a fast pace with both teams getting in a lot of offense but neither one getting a clear advantage until Rhett Titus smashed his arm into the ring post. Haas worked over the arm of Titus and eventually tagged in Shelton who continued the offensive assault for a brief bit until he tagged in Haas again. Titus tried to comeback on Haas but he was cut off quickly and Haas went back to working over the arm of Titus.
– Shelton tagged in and exchanged punches with Benjamin before whipping him into the exposed turnbuckle. Benjamin tagged in Haas who quickly prevented Titus from tagging in the fresh Kenny King and continued the punishment. Titus finally got the tag to King who opened up on both guys with the hot tag momentum. Titus hit a top rope facebuster on Charlie Haas but Shelton saved him at a 2 count and Haas and King are the legal men. Shelton hit a top rope arm drag on Kenny King but King was able to kick out at the last second.
-WGTT went for their double team move but Titus pulled the rope down, the Briscoes then smashed Shelton with a chair and allowed ANX to hit a double team move for the pin on Charlie Haas. The Briscoes cost WGTT the match.
-Medical officials worked on Shelton, Charlie cut a promo about how the Briscoes hurt his brother and said he and Shelton were going to kill them as the show ended.

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