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– Backstage, JB interviews the champion, Bobby Roode. Roode said after tonight he’ll be known as the ring of the iron man matches. Roode said he would be surprised if AJ Styles makes it to the ring after what he did to him on Impact. Roode tells Sting that he spits in the face of authority, “just ask Dixie Carter!”

(8) 30-minute Iron Man match for the TNA title: Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles. They do have the 30 minute count down clock displayed, with a scoreboard for pin falls/submissions.

No falls in the first ten minutes of the iron man match.

Fall 1: Roode pinned Styles at 10:02, Roode up 1-0.

Fall 2: Roode forces Styles to submit at 14:39, Roode up 2-0.

Fall 3: Roode tapes out from the crossface at 17:35, Roode up 2-1.

Fall 4: Styles ties it up with ten minutes remaining.

Fall 5: Styles pins Roode with a springboard with 7:01 remaining the clock, Styles 3-2.

Fall 6: Roode pinned Styles by using the ropes, tied up at 3.

At the two minute warning, Roode blocked the styles clash attempt.

Roode bailed in and out of the ring in the final seconds of the 30 minutes. Thus the match ends in a draw. Roode retains the title. Fans chant five more minutes, as the PPV ends.

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