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– Backstage, JB interviews the champion, Bobby Roode. Roode said after tonight he’ll be known as the ring of the iron man matches. Roode said he would be surprised if AJ Styles makes it to the ring after what he did to him on Impact. Roode tells Sting that he spits in the face of authority, “just ask Dixie Carter!”

(8) 30-minute Iron Man match for the TNA title: Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles. They do have the 30 minute count down clock displayed, with a scoreboard for pin falls/submissions.

No falls in the first ten minutes of the iron man match.

Fall 1: Roode pinned Styles at 10:02, Roode up 1-0.

Fall 2: Roode forces Styles to submit at 14:39, Roode up 2-0.

Fall 3: Roode tapes out from the crossface at 17:35, Roode up 2-1.

Fall 4: Styles ties it up with ten minutes remaining.

Fall 5: Styles pins Roode with a springboard with 7:01 remaining the clock, Styles 3-2.

Fall 6: Roode pinned Styles by using the ropes, tied up at 3.

At the two minute warning, Roode blocked the styles clash attempt.

Roode bailed in and out of the ring in the final seconds of the 30 minutes. Thus the match ends in a draw. Roode retains the title. Fans chant five more minutes, as the PPV ends.

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  1. Ian says:

    BS finish but love they ways they are using to get Roode over as a big time heel.

  2. Rex Anderson says:

    Are you kidding me? They left the crowd asking for more and ended the show? Im done

  3. Ryan says:

    God that is retarded. I’m glad I don’t watch TNA anymore. This product went downhill severely over the past few months, and it wasn’t in any good position when it started THAT slide.

  4. AJ Starr says:

    You whiners are f’n pathetic.

    Roode is a damn heel.

    How do you get a heel over? Have him screw the babyface.

    If you’re going to cry, piss and moan about them having Roode screw over Styles from attempting to win… SCREW YOU… YOU ARE NOT REAL WRESTLING FANS.

    Get over yourselves, you’re all worse than toddlers!

  5. Juan says:

    I agree with AJ Starr- Ric Flair is considered the greatest NWA World Champion of all time and this is the same style in which he did it! But it needs to be said- you expect the fans to pay for a PPV you need to give them something, not one single title changed hands.

  6. Daniel says:

    LOL AJ Starr, always the fanboy…dumb finish

  7. AJ Starr says:

    No, Daniel…. you’re just a mark, and a bad one at that.

    This is how a heel acts. He cheats to win… and if he can’t beat the face cheating, he makes sure the face won’t leave with the title.

    Don’t like it? Stop watching wrestling altogether and stick to reality TV. Truth hurts… either get over it, or get out of the way. No one is going to coddle the armchair quarterbacks when they couldn’t pull off a tenth of that match without gassing up and puking in the ring.

  8. obie says:

    @aj starr i agree that this is how, or at least 1 way, to get a heel over. that being said there is a time and a place. are you trying to get roode over with the crowd or your audience? if its the crowd then it doesn’t matter if this is a house show/impact/or ppv. if its your audience then this would be better suited for impact because it will be viewed by more.

    the fact is this is a ppv and while screwjobs are always interesting this one was mediocre at best. the audience pays to watch and can have an opinion on whatever they choose. i feel as if this was a bad timing for it. we both know this move will not get impact more viewers on thursday so imo it’s wasted.

  9. Jon says:

    I admit that I haven’t watched the match, I don’t really care for TNA, and the only reason I still read the results is because I used to watch some of the wrestlers in TNA. In this case I used to watch AJ Styles. That said I like the ending of this match. I don’t think the audience was screwed with this match as both men sounded like they gave a good match and the ending just made the feud more interesting. Plus I think the match made Roode look good by showing people that he can wrestle with AJ while still portray him as a heel by allowing him to keep his belt by using the rules.

    I agree with what Starr says, it’s how a heel works.

  10. Derailleur says:

    I would be pissed off if I’d order ppv and the ending is something like this. If they wanna do this kind of endings I think it sould be in tv, not in the ppv.

    But I’m happy to say that I don’t watch TNA so this isnt so much of big deal to me.

  11. Ryan says:

    No one cares that its “HOW a heel works”. I think we all get that heels act that way. What the bs finish is from is that no extra time was given. I have never, in my life, seen an iron man match end in a draw, ever.

  12. OstegoAmigo says:

    @AJ Star

    I agree with you but not one point. The screw ended a PPV. Most people, like myself, wouldn’t care so much if it happened on a regular show, but it happened on a PPV, which people spent money on. People don’t like screw job finishes to end a PPV. They feel cheated out of their money. $50 is a lot of money to spend on a PPV where a main event has no winner. I, as well as others feel cheated. Overall, decent PPV.

  13. obie says:

    @ryan angle/michaels 30 minute ironman match ended in a draw. also, this was on RAW and not a ppv. i agree that if you pay to see a ppv you want a winner. think about ufc, when there fights end in a draw the crowd and audience is not happy. under very rare circumstances does a draw leaves fans happy.

  14. says:

    I love how so called Total Nonstop Action fanatics complain about match finishes that do no go their way, then when the matches do, they complain about predictability, lawls!

  15. b says:

    What gets me is the people who “dont watch tna” yet they comment on every post, ppv, and results page. If you dont watch and you dont care why the hell are you reading the results AND commenting!

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