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Karen Angle comments on Vickie Guerrero Twitter drama

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Vice President of the Knockouts division, Karen Jarrett, joined us earlier this week on DD360 ahead of this Sunday’s Final Resolution pay per view.

When asked how she manages to be such a great heel and good on the microphone, Karen reveals she did not have prior acting experience — rather she was always a big fan of professional wrestling.

She says: “My entire life I’ve been a wrestling fan. From the age of 10 years old, I started watching wrestling with my grandfather and have just been a huge fan. I was a fan of Miss Elizabeth, Sherri [Martel] and I just loved the business.”

“Even when Kurt and I got married, he had never watched professional wrestling and when he started talking about getting into it, we were watching it and I would instruct him because I knew who everybody was. I was just very into it and love it.”

Karen also addresses recent drama on Twitter with fans pitting her and WWE’s Vickie Guerrero against each other.

She says: “To be honest, I think Vickie is an incredible woman. She was a great wife and she’s a great mother. As for the fans and the marks out there, or the people who get behind their little computer, you throw out some bait and they jump on it and I think people ran with it. It is what it is. But I have great respect for Vickie and her raising her daughters and everything that she has done.”

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  1. lachlan says:

    What dids (marks) mean? ppl are always saying it but i dont know what it means??

  2. RJ Ace says:

    It can mean multiple things. The legitimate meaning is that if you believe pro wrestling is real and that the characters on tv are real people, you’re a mark. Alot of wrestling fans start out as marks as a child and begin to change as they get older and realize that it’s scripted. Internet fans/smart marks or smarks are people who know it’s scripted and follow it anyway. They use the word mark as an insult towards one another as do wrestlers at times when insulting fans or each other. Some people accused Bret Hart of being a mark for himself during the Montreal Screwjob because he took his on screen character so seriously. The story that circulated was that he refused to drop the title to Shawn Michaels in front on his Canadian fans because he felt he was a hero to them. I’m not saying I agree with that but that seems to be the consensus. Somebody that is a hardcore TNA wrestling fan that dislikes WWE may refer to a person that exclusively watches WWE as a WWE mark and vice versa. Another term you hear is called marking out. That’s when a smart fan who knows the business is scripted gets wrapped up in a storyline or match as if it’s real because the wrestlers are doing such a great job. The CM Punk storyline earlier this year was a great example of internet fans buzzing because his promos were so good and realistic. I watched Punk vs Cena at MITB with my friends who all know wrestling is scripted and they were shouting at the tv for Punk not to tap out when Cena had him locked in a submission. That is an example of marking out. Sometimes in interviews you’ll hear wrestlers say they’ve marked out when they’ve had the chance to wrestle with or against another wrestler that they idolized. Edge said he did when he won the tag team titles with his childhood idol Hulk Hogan. Wrestlers often refer to internet fans as marks for the business as an insult because some of them feel they know everything about how a wrestling company should be run and who should be pushed.

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