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Stipulation for the World title match at WWE TLC

The Big Show will challenge Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight title at the 12/18 WWE TLC PPV in a Chair match.

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  1. Deathedge says:

    I personally think that the Table match is a great choice for two powerhouses to be in match… but atleast they didn’t go the TLC route.

  2. Really? says:

    A chair match should be really exciting since they don’t allow chair shots to the head in the company. Not that I’m in favor of chair shots to the head, but a chair match is going to look really awkward and fake with nobody going for head shots.

  3. The XFL says:

    @Really So…. does that mean you’re excited about the match?

  4. dave says:

    @Really? I get what you’re saying but I think they can tell a story if the winner wins after a flurry of chair shots ala SCSA on the Rock at Mania X7. I mean, I’m sure they’ll improvise on the head chair shots with a Big Show KO blow at the chair as Henry holds it for example. Or Henry with a big leg drop on the chair as it sits on Show’s head. This is why they work, to be creative and put on a good match with a story.

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