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What Sean Waltman was doing at Raw this week

Waltman tweeted:

I did a 2 hour interview at RAW yesterday for a 15 episode series focusing on the Monday Night Wars to air on the new WWE Network.

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  1. Glen Cara says:

    they did a whole DVD on it AND talked about it during the WCW DVD…..I think it’s time to talk about something else

  2. fairfax says:

    The monday night wars dvd was put out during the infancy of wwe documentary type releases. It was a single disc and the bonus material was severely lacking. They’re going to need a lot of content in order to sustain and entire network. This will be a show that I personally will be looking forward too. Anyone heard what cable providers will offer the wwe network? I’m guessing it will be a premium HBO type thing? Time Warner charges 10$ a month for HBO. I can’t see them charging anymore than HBO or Showtime. Hell I pay 10$ a month for Showtime for one show! Which I have to say was rather disappointing up until the last few episodes but now all Hell is breaking loose! Anyone else here Dexter fans? I’m rambling, fairfax.

  3. The1andonlyZack says:

    Fairfax; yes Showtime for just Dexter is worth it. Although Californication is back in January and that too is enjoyable.

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