12/6 OVW results featuring TNA Talent

Dec 7, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

From Eric Montgomery:

Ohio Valley Wrestling LIVE On Tour Results from New Albany, Indiana:

First Match: “The Freak” Rob Terry defeated Lennox Norris by pin-fall following standing power slam

Second Match: The Blossoms defeated Taryn Shay and her mystery partner that turned out to be none other than OVW’s Women’s Champion: Taeler Hendrix by pin-fall when there was some miscommunication between Taryn and Taeler

Third Match: Elvis Pridemoore defeated Benny Bray by pin-fall

Fourth Match: Anarquia defeated Adam Revolver by count-out

Fifth Match: “Jackhammer” Mike Goldsberry and Ricky “By God” Chevy defeated Jesse Morris and Josiah Caine by pin-fall

Sixth Match: SK Eveslage defeated “Marksmen” Nick Dumeyer by pin-fall

Seventh Match: Team New Albany-(Boss Brackens & “Iron Man” Rob Conway) defeated Mascagni Family-(OVW Champion: Rudy Switchblade & Marcus Anthony) by pin-fall BUT after the match was over, The Mascagni Family beat down Boss Brackens, Ron Conway and Ring Announcer Rico!!!

This brought out “Jackhammer” Mike Goldsberry with steel chair in hand to fend off The Mascagni Family

This led to Boss Brackens challenging The Mascagni Family-(Rudy Switchblade, Marcus Anthony, Lennox Norris and Christian Mascagni) to face him, Rob Conway, Mike Goldsberry and Ring Announcer Rico to a 4 on 4 War at Saturday Survival that will take place on Saturday Night, January 21st 2012 at The New Albany National Guard Armory!!!

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