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CZW wrestler injured at Cage of Death event

CZW wrestler Dustin Rayz suffered a nasty leg break performing a moonsault over the weekend at CZW’z Cage of Death event in Philadelphia. He’s looking at getting surgery this week, according to Mike Aldren.

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  1. mshelez says:

    Ouch! Hope he has a good recovery. I’m really not surprised to hear that someone was injured in a Cage of Death match. I mean its right there in the title. He’s lucky he didn’t suffer his own death there.

  2. kak2sjak says:

    the injury didn’t occur during the Cage of Death match itself. it was a crazy injury though. i can’t wait to see the DVD to actually see what caused the break. was a beautiful corkscrew moonsault though

  3. Booker T says:


  4. kak2sjak says:

    Nah…not anymore

  5. Riten says:

    Botchamania Should Have It’s Hands On It Soon

  6. Drew says:

    I’ve seen him wrestle for IPW; he’s a good worker. Hopefully all goes well, and he comes back soon.

  7. zach says:

    It was just a freak accident, it happens, even in everyone’s precious WWE, people get hurt. But he is a very solid worker, and I hope this doesn’t turn him away from wrestling, and I hope he gets well soon.

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