12/3 ROH on Sinclair recap

Dec 5, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Ring of Honor Recap 12/3/11 By Cody A. Springer

We start off with a video package hyping up Tomasso Ciampa, “The Dominant Male.”

Match #1: Tomasso Ciampa vs. Shiloh Jonze Tomasso dominant early, throwing Shiloh around, and laying in thick blows. Shiloh battles back, but Tomasso lays him out with a huge lariat. Ciampa beats the crap out of Shiloh with elbows. Cover and two. Shiloh battles back with a huge flying fist, but Ciampa is able to dropkick the knee afterward. Huge running knees from Ciampa, throwing Jonze for a loop. Ciampa lifts Jonze up and connects with the powerbomb to the knees. Winner: Tomasso Ciampa

We then recap the confrontation between The Briscoes and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. The Briscoes tell WGTT to watch out, and the ANX tell WGTT to quit ducking them.

We return with the confrontation between Jim Cornette and Kevin Steen. Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness, Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs are all present as well. Kevin Steen makes his way out with his legal team. Cornette starts admitting that Steen is a great wrestler, but also a piece of garbage. He says he never knows what Steen is going to do, and every time he shows up at ROH, they might get sued. Steen says that he might be crazy, but he’d rather be crazy than be a hypocrite like Cornette. Jim hands the mic to Steve Corino to tell Steen the settlement. Corino says that at Final Battle, it will be Kevin Steen vs. Steve Corino at Final Battle with Jimmy Jacobs as the special guest referee, and if Steen wins, he’s back in Ring of Honor.

Inside ROH We recap the ending to last week’s TV Title match, where Jay Lethal felt Mike Bennett cost Lethal the match. At Final Battle, it will be Jay Lethal vs. El Generico vs. Mike Bennett. We then go to Eddie Edwards and Dan Severn. Dan says that he and Ken Shamrock went 1-1 and there was never a third match. He says that Eddie and Davey deserve a third match. We go to Davey Richards who says that Eddie isn’t the same, and now we’re seeing the dark side of Eddie. We then go to Roderick Strong, who says that nobody has accepted his challenge yet. He says if somebody doesn’t die in the Main Event, he’s going to ask for a refund and kick both men in the nuts.

Main Event: The Young Bucks vs. Future Shock We start off with Nick and Adam. Adam with an armbar early on tags Kyle. Some do-see-do action ends with a kick from Cole to a seated Nick, and a dropkick from Kyle. Strikes from Kyle knocks Nick for a loop. Flapjack/bulldog combination from Future Shock on Matt only gets one. Assisted Northern Lights from Kyle on Matt only gets two. O’Reilly with strikes on Matt, goes for a whip but gets dragged out by Nick. Both men battle on the outside, and Matt with a huge dropkick from the inside to the outside. Tag to Nick. Armbreaker from Nick, Kyle battles back, but Nick hits a hangman’s neckbreaker while Kyle is seated on the second rope, and Nick flips in with a senton. Cover and a two by Nick. Tag to Matt and we go to commercial. We’re back, and Nick hits a huge dropkick on Kyle for two. Tag to Matt who’s in with a lot of shots. Matt taunts Cole, who tries to go in and ends up distracting the ref while Matt chokes Kyle with his foot. Roll-up by Kyle and only two. Matt firmly in control, and Kyle hits a huge belly to belly. Tag to Cole. Cole up top and double dropkick on both the Bucks. Cole with an enzuigiri, tries to whip off, but gets caught by Nick. Nick throws Cole off and goes in, whips off for a baseball slide, but Adam catches him in a wheelbarrow and turns, tossing Nick into the side of the ring. Matt tries to grab Cole, but Cole hits a kick to Matt, followed by a huge crossbody off the top for two. Cole with a cutter and a tag to Kyle. Kyle with a series of butterfly suplexes to Matt, then Nick. This is topped off by Adam grabbing Nick in a wheelbarrow while Kyle still has him hooked. Kyle drops Nick down with a DDT, and the Nick is tossed over on his back. Tag back to Cole, Future Shock attempts Ride the Lightning, but the Bucks battle back with stereo kicks. Matt with two powerbombs, and then a buckle bomb followed by a double superkick to Cole. Cover and somehow only two. More bang for your buck attempted, but Kyle makes a blind tag and comes in with a tornado DDT and a suplex on Matt, followed by a guillotine choke. Nick back in, and tries to break up the choke, but Nick can’t get Kyle to break it. After some negotiations via kicks, Nick gets Kyle to break the hold. Adam drags out Nick and Kyle immediately back on the choke. Nick finally back in with a springboard inverted facebuster, and then quickly goes to the apron and hits a moonsault on Cole. Matt lifts Kyle up and we see the More Bang for your Buck and the three. Winners: The Young Bucks

Next week we will see Haas and Benjamin vs. The ANX in a Proving Ground match.

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