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Dixie Carter talks changing with the times, the economy, keeping up with WWE, more

Dixie Carter was interview by on a variety of topics. Here are a few exerts:

Changes with the times: We’re not just a wrestling company anymore. We do our own booking. We do our own promotion and public relations. We’re a licensing company. We have toys, Halloween costumes, trading cards. We make our own music. All of those things are sold and promoted around the world. But we still do more than 500 hours of television a year.

Q. How has TNA been able to keep up with WWE? I don’t care who you are, competition makes you better. There’s a reason there’s a Lowe’s across the street from every Home Depot and a CVS across the street from every Walgreens. I think we’ve made WWE better, just as they’ve improved us.

The economy: We went from double-digit growth for a couple years to single-digit growth. I call that a major victory. But the biggest challenge we had during the recession was so many of our partners were going out of business. Our TV partner in Africa went out of business. Our DVD partner in the United Kingdom went out of business. Our Australian DVD partner went out of business. Weeks after our video game publisher, Midway Games, put out our video game, they filed for bankruptcy. (The game still sold 1.5 million units.) After the recession, we just worked hard to plug all the holes fast.

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  1. RJ Ace says:

    Didn’t TNA do that whole “Wrestling Matters” campaign as a shot at WWE calling themselves an entertainment company?

  2. JDizzle says:

    what the hell? first, WWE claims that they’re more then a wrestling company. now TNA? so much for being an alternative to WWE. so much for the Wrestling Matters propoganda.

  3. -J- says:

    Seems like a nice lady…piss poor owner needs to leave the wrestling industry completely.

  4. James says:

    Made WWE programming better eh? Then why does the programming still suck?

  5. OstegoAmigo says:

    Wait. I’m lost. When did TNA start being competitive with WWE? I missed that part. Is it those high 1.0 ratings on Spike in prime time with no other wrestling show on the air or was it the issue of them hiring all the WWE’s trash?

  6. FanBase says:

    TNA thinks for some reason that they picked up WWE’s cream of the crop. Dixie, honey, go into modeling or something you can handle ok?

  7. Captain Ass says:

    The only talent TNA got from WWE that has made a check in TNA’s favor is Kurt Angle. Beyond that, little Miss Dixie is delusional.

  8. Big Lou says:

    Dixie Carter has made wrestling fun again. Impact Wrestling has chipped away at the mighty WWE empire.

  9. Hipnosis says:

    I don’t understand what any of you are saying. They said they are more than a Wrestling company making their own music and toys and games. They never said “We’re a Movie Studio now!!” or “We’re SUPERSTARS!! not WRESTLERS!” more and more each day people still try to bash TNA and FAIL lol

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