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More on The Butcher’s Hepatitis C positive test result

As noted earlier, WWE hall of famer Abdullah the Butcher tested positive for Hepatitis C, according to blood work received today by attorneys representing Devon Nicholson in his lawsuit against Abdullah and WWE. “I hope anyone who has ever wrestled [Abdullah] and certainly anyone who thinks they’ve been cut by him gets tested,” says Nicholson. “Hep C can stay dormant for years and there usually isn’t any physical signs of it until long after it’s been contracted.”

(source: Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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  1. Brad Bardy says:

    Still doesn’t prove that Abdullah provided Nicholson’s contracted Hep C…still possible too be ANY of his opponents. As for lawsuit against WWE, you get a contractual promisary letter which an actual contract is pending blood test/physical which is why Nigel McGuinness went to TNA after turned down by WWE…Devon can’t use his claims of WWE being blood free as its not preventable. For example, Jinder Mahal’s busted lip in SD Holiday Special battle royal that Hornswoggle won

  2. Fisha695 says:

    So Mr Nicholson is claiming that he got it from Abdullah… Who is to say that Nicholson didn’t Give it to Abdullah?

  3. -J- says:

    Could this lead to a ban on blading or blood across the industry?

    Certainly lead to more testing, maybe even have some fallout into mma where they bleed sometimes bleed buckets.

  4. dave says:


    What about boxing or if a athlete busts a lip while hurdling and he’s helped by another athlete? Will blood mean a performer is immediately isolated and treated?

    What I’m getting at is wrestling really doesn’t require blood. Other sports like MMA are real and blood is then unavoidable.

    The only thing to come from this will be a media witch hunt of the business once again, Vince will crap his pants and start phasing out any gimmicked match where blood could be a factor. I really hope not, though.

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