Wrestling By The Numbers: Jacqueline Moore‏

Nov 30, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Wrestling By The Numbers: Jacqueline Moore

Long-time female wrestler Jacqueline Moore has announced on her twitter page that her short-term contract with TNA Wrestling has now expired and she doesn’t expect to be brought back to the company. The 47-year-old Dallas Texas native had just been brought back to TNA for her fourth stint with the organization this past June. She had started out paired with O.D.B. competing in the company’s knockout tag-team division but seemed to have a falling out with management over the past month. Moore has worked off and on for TNA Wrestling for the past 7-years. She made short appearances in 2004 and 2006 and then had a run from 2007-2009. During this time she had a very successful stint as the heel manager of Beer Money and also competed in the company’s thriving knockout division.

Jacqueline Moore’s legendary 23-year career first started in 1988 after receiving training from Skandor Akbar. She then began competing as Sweet Georgia Brown and worked in Japan for Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling. She also competed for the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association and Women’s Pro Wrestling. From 1991-1996 Moore competed in both the USWA and UWF where she took part in memorable feuds with Luna Vachon, Debbie Combs, Uptown Karen and Downtown Bruno. In 1993 she became the first woman recognized in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 500 and also appeared briefly in the WWE alongside Jeff Jarrett as his valet Wynonna.

From 1997-1998 Moore spent a year in WCW as the manager of both Kevin Sullivan and then later Harlem Heat. She then spent the next 6-years with World Wrestling Entertainment where she had an outstanding run. She became a multiple time Women’s Champion, competed against male wrestlers and became the Cruiserweight Champion, had numerous successful stints as a manager and also spent time as a trainer and referee. Outside of professional wrestling Jacqueline has trained in both boxing and kickboxing and has a black belt in taekwondo.

Below we look at some of the professional wrestling career of Jacqueline Moore…

World Wrestling Entertainment:

* 13 Matches on WWE Pay-Per-View.

* 5 Matches Managed on WWE Pay-Per-View.

* 34 Matches on WWE Raw Supershow.

* 24 Matches on WWE Smackdown Supershow.

* 1 Main Event Match (9th Most All-Time) on WWE Smackdown Supershow. (Main Event Match: March 30th 2000 Vs Stephanie McMahon)

* 33 Matches (Most All-Time) on WWE Heat. (First Match: September 20th 1998 Vs Luna Vachon Last Match: October 27th 2002 Vs Molly Holly)

* 6 Main Event Matches (6th Most All-Time) on WWE Heat. (First Main Event Match: September 27th 2000 With Funaki Vs Mideon & Ivory Last Main Event Match: October 27th 2002 Vs Molly Holly)

TNA Wrestling:

* 7 Matches on TNA Pay-Per-View.

* 14 Matches Managed (9th Most All-Time) on TNA Pay-Per-View. (First Match Managed: 2007 Slammiversary Last Match Managed: 2009 Against All Odds Wrestlers Managed: James Storm, Robert Roode)

* 20 Matches on TNA Impact Wrestling.

* 2 Main Event Matches (6th Most All-Time) on TNA Impact Wrestling. (First Main Event Match: July 5th 2007 Vs Traci Brooks & Gail Kim Last Main Event Match: September 27th 2007 Vs Roxxi Lavaugh, Traci Brooks, Gail Kim & Christy Hemme)

World Championship Wrestling:

* 1 Match on WCW Pay-Per-View.

* 3 Matches Managed On WCW Pay-Per-View.

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