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Poll results – Should Jeff Jarrett be inducted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame?

Should Jeff Jarrett be inducted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame?

No (54%, 2,019 Votes)
Yes (46%, 1,728 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,747

The GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame is intended to include the elite members of the wrestling community that deserve to be inducted into a prestigious hall of fame without prejudice or politics. Areas of consideration for induction should include (but not be limited to) a wrestler’s drawing power, wrestling ability, impact or influences on the business, longevity, and passion/drive for the industry. Non-in ring performers (such as promoters, announcers, referees, etc.) should also be judged by a similar criterion, based on the highest standards for their areas. Remember, this is not a popularity contest. This hall of fame will only include the best of the best. Readers should e-mail with names of candidates worthy of consideration. The name with the highest number of suggestions will be considered for voting the following month. Thus, twelve names will be considered per year, and the number of inductees for the year is totally up to the GERWECK.NET readers. If a subject doesn’t qualify for induction, he or she will remain off the consideration list for twelve months. If a subject receives 70% or higher, he or she will be inducted.


Talent % Month of voting
Chris Benoit 62% December 2007
Triple H 65% June 2008
Lita 57% October 2008
Honky Tonk Man 64% March 2009
Scott Hall 55% June 2009
Demolition 64% September 2009
Ultimate Warrior 47% November 2009
Bill Goldberg 47% December 2009
Earl Hebner 47% February 2010
Rey Mysterio 56% December 2010
Brian Pillman 66% October 2011
Rob Van Dam 66% May 2011
Jeff Jarrett 54% November 2011

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8 Responses

  1. Cody T. says:

    Huh, some of those names voted no actually surprise me.

  2. Renato says:


    So many names in there surprise me, this is the list of those rejected to be in the hof right?
    Why are Triple H, Benoit, Hall, Demoliton, Goldberg and Ultimate Warrior in there?

  3. Gazz says:

    Renato, I can only guess these as the reasons for why those you ask of being rejected:

    (In the order you ask)

    Triple H – Look at who he’s related to
    Benoit – THAT weekend in 07 for which people will forever remember him by
    Hall – pissed away his legacy through his addictions
    Demolition – butthurt fans upset that they were just as popular, if not moreso, than the Road Warriors
    Goldberg & Warrior – 2 talentless muscleheads that thought they were bigger than the business (possible applicable reason for both)

  4. cold says:

    Jarrett is a TRUE HEEL! even when he’s trying to play a face, he still rubs you the Wrong way, Jarrett is the one wrestler fan’s love to hate more than John Cena

  5. Dizzlow says:

    Its a voting process…. perhaps thats why they have not been inducted… not enough people that vote on Gerweck felt it to be so…

  6. adrainn says:

    Jarrett deserves to be in this because look at what he accomplished tna wcw wwe all the titles he won he deserves it more then maybe half that is already in it. people r stupid at votin look at the people they say no 2 btw to the person who stated those real life incidents about wrestlers dude these people are actors we dont care about the real life personas we care bout the wrestling life their titles they won the matches they gave us nothing bout their real life yes we know wat they did in rl is wrong but this is about wrestling not reality if u want to do reality hall of fame do that their first member to say no too is snooki but this is about wrestling so look at their wrestling accomplisments

  7. Gazz says:

    Adrainn, what part of “I can only guess the reasons for the votes” don’t you understand? Thanx to the influx of sites and magazines that report backstage/real life news, the fans are seemingly being allowed to know more about the personal lives of their favourite wrestlers and the wrestling business as a whole.

    In regards to the results listed above, whilst I can’t speak for anyone else, I’ll admit that I voted no to both HHH and Benoit for the EXACT reasons I speculate.

    As far as saying people don’t care about a wrestlers real life

  8. adrainn says:

    ya r wrong for looking at that ya vote no cuz hes a mcmahon but ya voted yes for yes vince yea hes the chairman but jarrett is the founder of tna a actual business that stand to vince yea vince has money to buy out tna but y he hasnt done it so it is wrong that a founder of tna cant b in a hall of fame oh btw dont ya remember vince faked his own death the most stupid storyline in all of wwe much much stupid then katie vick cuz wat happen after that sensational sherri dies then after that benoit. vince is stupid he dont deserved that hall of fame jarrett does cuz look wat he accomplished he had some of greatest matches in wrestling history be4 vince russo

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