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JBL’s scooter stolen on his birthday

JBL tweeted:

I made TMZ on my birthday and not for anything bad!!!! Cool, love TMZ!!/JCLayfield/status/141866924190601217 Shared via Plume

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  1. echo says:

    TMZ also says JBL is the longest reigning WWE champion in that article, but I believe that honor goes to Bruno Sammartino.

  2. Hans says:

    @echo – they forgot the words “In SmackDown history”. What a difference a few words can make eh?

  3. Common Cents says:

    @Hans, Technically TMZ was right, Bruno Sammartino was a WWWF Champion, where as JBL was a WWE champion[I don’t know if they had changed the name before or after, but it doesnt matter cause it’s still WWWF vs WWF/WWE]

  4. Riten says:

    @ Common Cents
    Cena Held The Title For 380 Days, After He Beat Edge At Unforgiven In A TLC Match, He Then Lost It Due To Injury. So It Should Say ”In Smackdown History”

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