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Impact SPOILERS for Thursday


Sting opened the show with Bobby Roode. Sting was mad at how Roode disrespected Dixie Carter on the show two weeks ago. A.J. Styles and Jeff Hardy also came out so when all was done, Sting announced Roode vs. Styles vs. Hardy as the main event.

Devon & Pope won a three-way over Ink Inc. and Mexican America. This means Matt Morgan & Crimson vs. Devon & Pope for the tag title at Final Resolution.

Austin Aries did an interview. He claimed he’s single handledly put the X Division back into prominence. Kid Kash came out and said this ended up with Aries vs. Kash for the title at Final Resolution.

Mickie James b ODB in a street fight by kicking a chair into her face

Backstage they did a segment with Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, Winter and Angelina Love all washing cars while wearing bikinis. Naturally this turns into a fight with water and soap suds going everywhere until there was a pull-apart. Gail Kim sprayed the women with a garden hose. The last time that angle was done the next week somebody set a ratings record.

Robbie E b Rob Van Dam to keep the TV title when Christopher Daniels interfered when the ref was distracted by Eric Young and a fire extinguisher.

Bobby Roode won a three-way over Jeff Hardy and A.J. Styles. Hardy was ready to deliver the swanton when Jeff Jarrett came out and pushed him off the top rope. Roode pinned Hardy.

Sting then announced at Final Resolution there will be a match with Jarrett vs. Hardy. If Hardy wins, he gets the Roode vs. Styles winner in January. If Jarrett wins then Hardy must leave TNA. Sting will be handcuffed to Karen Jarrett.

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5 Responses

  1. Hipnosis says:

    Impact sounds good again. Robbie E gonna get some big time Heel Heat. I can’t believe RVD loss lol its RARE that he loses!

  2. Shacoria J. says:

    Not that Im a hardy hater but seriously do they not think its to early to put him in a main event? Aj probably should have just got his shot and won.

  3. Hipnosis says:

    I think their just gonna put Jeff in the title picture to put over Bobby Roode some more

  4. Legend_Killer says:

    I’m gonna watch Impact only for the knockout segment. This show is a circus…

  5. stephan says:

    I don’t blame u @ legend killer. We need more stars in tna. Jeff hardy is the man. I don’t care what y’all say about him he’s icon always been icon I don’t think.he ready 4 new push just got off jall so tna think hard about it before do some thing big on jeff hardy u never know do same suff again

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