11/26 ROH on Sinclair TV Recap

Nov 28, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Michael Thompson

ROH Wrestling TV Recap for Saturday November 26th.

-Video recap of last week highlighting the O’reilly VS Richards match and Truth Martini interference.

-Kevin Kelly & Nigel welcome everyone and run down the program, hyping the Eddie Edwards training footage, and the El Generico VS Jay Lethal TV Title Main Event for the show, they then cut to a Briscoes promo hyping the opening match and their feud with the Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team.

The Briscoes VS Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman

-Match started with Jay and Cedric, Cedric got a quick flurry in on the Briscoes and hit a nice dive on both to the outside. Alexander & Coleman had got the offense in early with lots of double teams and quick tags. The Briscoes took over on offense after a while and went crazy, pushing the referee around until Wrestlings Greatest Tag Team ran in with chairs and chased the Briscoes out of the arena.

Winner: No Contest due to outside interference from WGTT

Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine VS Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini

-Pretty much a squash match to get Elgins power over, Constantine bumped great for Elgin throughout the match. Constantine/Casey did get some offense in eventually but Elgin won when he performed an Alabama slam on both guys at once, and then pinned them both.

-Jim Cornette promo on settling things with Kevin Steen, Cornette said that Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs gave him an idea, and next week he wanted everyone to be at TV so he could make his offer to Kevin Steen, and the rest would be up to Steen.

-Footage aired on Dan Severns background and his training on Eddie Edwards, they talked about how Richards had the idea to train with Severn. Eddie said Kyle O’reilly was stirring the pot and telling Davey that Eddie was trying to screw him over. Severn said he was going to teach Eddie to be a winner.

-Roderick Strong cut a promo on Richards issuing his own challenge from “Camp Strong” which consisted of a bar in Tampa Florida where 3 women were hanging around Strong. Roderick Strong said he would be at Final Battle, and was throwing out the Roderick Strong Challenge.

Jay Lethal (TV Champion) VS El Generico Title Match

-Mike Bennett and Bob Evans came out to watch the match right as it got started

-Good match both guys got in some offense and came across as looking pretty evenly matched. The timer appeared when there was about 3 minutes left, and around that time Bennett went and stole the title belt which he then put on. Lethal hit the Lethal Injection and had the pin but Bennett distracted the referee.

-After the bell rung, Lethal and Bennett brawled up the entrance with Brutal Bob Evans hitting a cheapshot on Lethal. Generico made the save by diving onto the heels leaving them laying. Lethal and Generico posed as the show went off the air

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