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WWE inks a lingerie football player/model

Danielle Moinet was signed to a developmental deal. Moinet, 26, from North Carolina, is a lingerie model and former captain of the Chicago Bliss, a team in the Lingerie Football League. She’s tall (5’10), athletic, has a great look, and apparently is a fan of WWE having watched since childhood.

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  1. -J- says:

    Yes, those LFL women are awesome.

  2. SB says:

    oh my god it’s Kelly Kelly, Jr.

  3. first sin cara & sin cara negro, now kelly kelly & kelly kelly..

  4. Will Henderson says:

    i think we may ave found a kayfabe sister of Kelly Kelly. calling it, she will be called up on the main roster as Kelly’s sister.

  5. O says:

    She’s hot, but I’m not down for the Kell-a twins.

  6. Fisha695 says:

    Remember when they did that Sister/Twin/Lesbian angle with Trish and some girl who I can’t remember the name of. Here is a picture of them together.

  7. Taker420-0 says:

    Or Kelly’s rookie on a Diva NXT……..provided this current one ever ends!!!

  8. Ian says:

    Ah yeah because those Lingerie football players are talented…lol…stop signing females that have no reason to be in the ring and start signing talented indy wrestlers.

  9. JFlyswatter says:

    looks like a mini Michelle McCool.

  10. b says:

    you may say little michelle mccool or kelly kelly but i say DAMN! That chick is hot, looks a lot better than kelly kelly. Toss up between her and michelle. @fisha695 NICE PIC

  11. marty mcfly says:

    way hotter than kelly kelly. How can you even compare them?

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