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Lex Luger talks the ups and downs of wrestling, become a Chistian

The Baptist Press did an interview with Lex Luger about the ups-and-downs of his wrestling career and how he became a born-again Christian. “My life was a train wreck,” Luger admitted. “I was burning the candle at both ends. I had a beautiful wife, Peggy, and two wonderful children, Brian and Lauren. But I was living one life on the road and another life at home. I didn’t feel like I was accountable to anyone. I was making millions of dollars and had a lot of fancy stuff — cars, clothes, baubles — and never realized why I wasn’t satisfied. I chased a life of folly, a course of trivial pursuit. I had a feeling of invincibility. They called me ‘The Cyborg.’

“From May until August of 2005 things went from bad to worse. I could have overdosed at any time. It is a miracle of God that I survived during that period of time,” Luger said.

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  1. MIKE M says:

    its hard to even feel bad 4 the guy i was 10 in alex bay ny and saw him at a show and asked to take a pic with him and he told me to f off

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