Update on Chris Jericho-WWE

Nov 24, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

As things stand, don’t expect Chris Jericho to return to WWE any time soon, as recent negotiations have hit a snag. Jericho wanted a part-time deal that would him allow him to do outside projects, and exclude the company from getting a cut of his other ventures. Vince McMahon feels that WWE made him a star, and should be entitled to a cut, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. There are also major creative issues between the two sides that is said to be a major part of the issue.

NBC Universal pays WWE handsomely for the rights to air Raw and Smackdown and consider personalities that appear on their networks apart of the NBC Universal talent roster. There were eyebrows raised when Jericho appeared on “Downfall” and “Dancing with Stars” since those shows aired on a rival network.

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