Wrestling community remembers Bison Smith

Nov 23, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Comments posted on Twitter, following the passing of Bison Smith…

– Chris Hero: Incredibly sad to hear about Bison Smith. Over the last 5 years he’d become like a brother. He was a big scary lookin guy w/ a heart of gold

– Frankie Kazarian: RIP Bison Smith. I’ll miss you brother. Many fun times and memories in Northern and Southern Cali. Dammit… Another gone way to early.

– Smith Hart: Bison Smith was on my short list of talents to work with in 2012. Sad to hear of his passing in the paradise of Puerto Rico. May he RIP

– MVP: I’m reading on my time line that “Bison” Smith passed away at 38 from a heart attack. If it’s true, my condolences to his family. RIP.

– Colt Cabana: Words have escaped me. You will be missed Bison. ::sad face::

– Christopher Daniels: RIP Bison Smith. I was fortunate enough to know him, but never got a chance to work w/ him or congratulate him on his deserved success!

– Epico: I don’t know all the details all I know is that he died of heart complications……he was a great guy and an awesome performer!

– Jimmy Jacobs: It appears to be true. Bison Smith was always a good guy that I really got along with. Sad news.

– Samoa Joe: Stunned over the loss of Bison Smith… Great person, & wrestler.

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