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Video: Masked Kane Return Promo from Raw

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  1. -J- says:

    Looks like the second version of the mask not the full face covering awesome first mask…cool promo.

  2. cold says:

    Love it, I think kane lost his personality when the mask came off.
    if REy Misterio Can put it back on, why can’t kane

  3. Fisha695 says:

    If Kane was putting it back on why would it be dropping onto the floor at the end? You would think if anything he would be picking it up from the floor and putting it on not the other way around.

    You see two faces in the glass, the first one looks clean shaven & is obviously Kane, however the second one appears right before the fist punches the glass and looks almost as if it has a goatee which would indicate Undertaker. The glove is kind of a toss-up as for awhile early on Taker did use black gloves with Rivets & Kane also used that style glove too.

    While it’s definitely Kane featured in the video, the question is “Is it just Kane?”

  4. Mackdeezy says:

    Somehow I feel like this means he’s going to return but despite that don’t expect the mask… I think the mask at the end is just our way of distinguishing that way people know it’s Kane and not taker… Or to a lesser extent, y2j. Don’t get me wrong I’d love for him to wear a mask again, and I’d even take the half mask (hey, glenn’s gotta be able to breath ya know) but so
    Dhow, knowing how things have been, I just assume

  5. McMahon says:

    I don’t understand people’s obsession with putting Kane’s mask back on. It won’t make him younger, more agile, more interesting, or less poorly written. It will just be something else to sell. Although they do need to replace all those mask sales they’ll be missing with Sin Cara out.

  6. Glen Cara says:

    Once the mask came off I began to hate the Kane char. and I don’t see that changing by simply putting it back on. The whole point of it before was that we didn’t know who the monster was… the mask has no effect anymore.

  7. Gentleman GAGA says:

    Yay! Now can’t wait for Mantaur, Man Mountain Rock, and The Ringmaster’s returns!!!!11

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