WWE Survivor Series PPV Predictions 2011‏

Nov 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Brad Hoy

WWE Survivor Series PPV Predictions

Dolph Ziggler (C) Vs John Morrison
(United States Championship on the line)
I’m looking forward to seeing this match simply because Ziggler has been on a great run as of late and has performed excellently, therefore this should be a good match. However, why Zack Ryder isn’t in the match I don’t know but my only explanation to this is that John Morrison’s contract runs out at the end of the month and is strongly rumoured to be leaving the WWE. So my only thought is that the WWE are letting him have one more PPV match, somehow I don’t think that the WWE are that nice. Nevertheless, I predict Ziggler to retain the title for two reasons: the first is that if Jomo is leaving then they aren’t going to put the title on him and secondly, you can’t put the strap on someone who has been jobbing for the past month or so and that’s why if anyone should get the title it should be Ryder.

Beth Phoenix (C) Vs Eve Torres (lumberjack match)
(Divas title on the line)
To be perfectly honest I don’t know who will win this match, for the only reason is the Divas category is very weak and therefore from a wrestling stand point Beth should not drop the title to anyone apart from Natalya but we all know it doesn’t work like that. If the WWE want someone else to win the divas title then they will put it on whoever they want despite their wrestling ability. On that note I have to stick to my guns and chose Beth to keep hold of the title.

Team Orton Vs Team Barrett
This match I feel is the hardest to call as both teams are very strong heels and faces and the future storylines could work well no matter who wins. Therefore I have to go with who I would like to see get the victory and that is controversially team Barrett. My reason for this is that all of team Barrett (apart from Swagger) have received solid pushes as of late and have a lot of momentum going into Survivor Series and would get a lot more out of the match if victorious. Either way I believe this should be a good match if worked well.

Mark Henry (C) Vs Big Show
(World Heavyweight championship on the line)
The two giants of the WWE face off AGAIN for the title, and this match has a lot to live up to due to the potential quality of the all the other matches on the card, however I’m looking forward to seeing what the two experienced big men can produce and I hope we will be pleasantly surprised as we have been previously. As far as who will win the strap I believe it’s about time for Big Show to become champion once again and continue the feud. However Henry has done a great job as champ and I would be disappointed if he held onto the title for a little bit longer.

Alberto Del Rio (C) Vs CM Punk
(WWE Championship on the line)
I am predicting this match to be one of the best of the night, I know it’s a big statement to make considering the fact that the Rock is on the card but I truly believe that Punk and Del Rio can steal the show from a wrestling point of view. As far as who will win, I’m going for Punk as I feel he deserves the belt and needs a bit more attention for his character to continue to elevate the company. Plus, if my prediction is correct then I pray that Punk changes the look of the WWE championship belt as it has been far too ugly for far too long.

Now for the match everyone has been waiting for, for one night only, never before, never again…

The Rock & John Cena Vs The Miz & R-truth
As a big fan of team bring it, I am very excited to witness The Rock back in the squared circle as I’m sure many others feel the same. There is many ways this match could go, for example: Cena and Rocky win cleanly, Miz and Truth win via Rock and Cena turning against each other but I’m predicting a mixture of the two. I do think Cena and Rocky will get a clean win, however I’m nearly 100% sure that the PPV will not end on that note. Which leads me to predict that Rock will turn on Cena after the match is over and the peoples champ will close to show.

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