Nov 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

– Another WWE ’12 promo.

– Backstage, Matt Striker interviews Wade Barrett. Barrett said he still wants to be the first English heavyweight champion. The Miz and R-Truth interrupt, and Barrett walks away. R-Truth talks, but fans chant “What,” be he says stop what-ing him. Truth talked to the pigeons, but they didn’t talk back because all they do is crap.

– The National Guard is introduced at ringside, starting a “USA, USA” chant.

– As they go to the highlights, Booker T said this all started at the Survivor Series, and Cole corrected him saying it was at Summerslam.

Before the match, Howard Finkel came out as CM Punk’s personal ring announcer.

(5) WWE title match: Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriquez) vs. CM Punk

Fans chanted “we want ice cream,” and “CM Punk,” as the match got underway. Punk dove through the ropes, landing on the Del Rio on the outside. Crossbody lateral press by Punk only got a two count. Ricardo interferes with Punk, Punk goes after him, but its trap by Del Rio. Del Rio slammed Punk’s arm into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Del Rio goes after Punk’s left arm. Near fall for Punk on a roll up attempt. Punk drops the elbow from the top rope, but again, its only a two count. Fans chant “Randy Savage, Randy Savage.” Del Rio puts on the cross arm breaker, but Punk made it to the ropes for a break. Del Rio nearly pinned Punk with a handful of tights. Punk wins the match with the Anaconda Vise at 17:15 to win the WWE title. Punk celebrates by jumping into the crowd. Finkel makes the announcement!

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