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– Promo for the new Steve Austin DVD airs, which comes out on 11/29.

– They plug the 12/18 WWE TLC PPV.

– Hype video for Rock/Cena

(6) “Never Before, Never Again”: The Rock and John Cena vs. Awesome Truth (The Miz and R-Truth)

Before the match, John Cena hugged the widow of WWE hall of famer Arnold Skaaland at ring side.

After the opening flury, fans chanted “you still got it” at The Rock. The Rock had R-Truth pinned, but Cena was going after The Miz, which distracted the referee from making the count. The Miz encouraged The Rock to tag in Cena, and he finally did as the crowd booed Cena as he entered the ring. Fans started a “you can’t wrestle” at Cena. As Truth worked over Cena, fans did a “lets go, Cena sucks” chant, followed by “we want Rocky.” The Miz and Truth continue to work over Cena, obviously to set up the hot tag to The Rock. STFU by Cena on Miz, but Truth made the save. With Miz working on Cena, Truth went after Rock on the outside. Truth dropped Rock on the guard rail. At 19:11, The Rock is finally tagged in. Rock bottom on Truth. Sharpshooter by Rock on The Miz, but Truth made the save. Cena speared Truth out of the ring, leaving Rock and Miz in the ring alone. Spinebuster by The Rock, followed by the people’s elbow. Rock pins Miz at 21:32.

After the match, Rock thanks the man up stairs on the ropes, while Cena claps for Rock as he walks away from the ring. Rock invites Cena back into the ring. The Rock goes to a corner and gets cheered, Cena goes to the other and gets booed. They argue, Cena walks away, but gets a rock bottom courtesy of The Rock as the show ends.

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5 Responses

  1. Axel says:

    Gee, thanks WWE for ending the PPV on a horrible note

    Make The Rock seem like he has it still

    Use Cena to put over Miz and R-Truth

    Destroy any chances of good buildup to Wrestlemania most likely with tongiths actions, as Cena is made to seem like nothing. What a way to destroy the face of your company >.>

  2. -J- says:

    They can always use that to either turn Cena heel finally and make that heat he gets work for him…OR have Rock turn heel and play up his Hollywood career over his WWE appearances, not Rock’s fault his is so over with the people.

  3. axel says:

    Jay, the fans won’t buy a Rock heel turn, just like Cena won’t turn cause he sells merchandise. If they manage it ill be damned, but I’m ready for the crappy face versus face come Mania.

  4. dooman says:

    FINALLY…..i watch a wwe ppv again and man that was like watching a 3 hr raw..zena is the worst ever i mean at least ACT like ya care about the program between you and rock…what a talentless bum….ya good worker but talentless bum none the less

  5. Kaleb says:

    Anyone else here that fan yell “thats so gay” when miz and r-truth did that pre match handshake? That was hilarious

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