Nov 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

– We see a promo for WWE ’12

– Backstage, David Otunga has a message from Johnny Ace, and wants to CM Punk to apologize to Michael Cole. Punk tells Otunga he’ll think about it, after he beats Del Rio for the title.

– Backstage, we see The Rock with a mic. The Rock cuts a promo about Madison Square Garden. He talks about being five watching his grandfather wrestle, and at age 12, he is backstage hanging out with Andre The Giant. The Rock talks about debuting at Madison Square Garden in 1997 with a corny haircut and ring gear. The Rock talks about his catch phrases, winning the IC title, WWE titles, and becoming the people’s champion. The Rock said he has finally come back to New York City, fans “chant Rocky, Rocky.” Rock says for The Miz and R-Truth its boots to asses. The Rock talks about Ali-Frazier, old blue eyes performing at Madison Square Garden. Rock sings a bit of “New York, New York.” Boots to asses, all night long says The Rock.

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