Nov 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

The announcers talked about the ring being reinforced.

(4) World title match: Mark Henry vs. The Big Show.

An arm drag by The Big Show forced Henry to bail out of the ring to recheck his strategy. This match is a crowd killer, as the fans start the “boring” chant. Henry’s first worlds strongest slam only got him a two count. A fan has a Repo Man for Hall of Fame sign. Heard a “Daniel Bryan” chant as well. Henry shoulder tackled Big Show through the barricade on the outside. Big Show made it back to the ring at the nine count by referee Charles Robinson. A super kick by Big Show started a “HBK” chant. Big Show dropped an elbow from the top rope, but only a two count. Low blow by Henry, and the Big Show wins via DQ at 13:04.

After the match, Henry grabs a chair and puts Show’s left ankle through it. Henry was going to land it via the ropes, but Show recovered and delivered a hard right hand to lay out Henry. Show puts Henry’s ankle through the chair, and drops a leg drop. Henry is left in pain, as a trainer attended to the champion. Henry tells the trainers to leave his leg alone. Henry says his leg is broke.

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