Even more WWE Survivor Series predictions

Nov 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

From Hans Keller, who will be covering Raw for GERWECK.NET tomorrow night

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve (Lumberjill match)
Arguably two of the better female wrestlers in the company, so I’d be expecting to see a lot of good work in this match. I feel it would be too early for Beth to lose this match as it would be a hug momentum killer, but stuff like this has happened before so I wouldn’t be surprised.
Winner: Beth Phoenix

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison
JoMo is almost up on his contract, that much everyone knows. And in the age of the internet, WWE knows that we know that, which in my view makes this the PERFECT opportunity to pull the wool over the views and switch the title in a shocker.
Winner and NEW U.S. Champion: John Morrison

Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team Barrett vs. Team Orton
Doesn’t Orton still have that thing going on where he was the last person in and winning? If that’s still holding up, based on that alone, I’d go with Team Orton. But don’t expect this to be a quick match by any means. There’ll be some good action in this.
Winners: Team Orton

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk
As much of a CM Punk mark as I am, I sadly don’t see him winning, but here’s why. I see Nash sticking his nose in this and drawing a DQ on Punk….cueing the entrance of THE GAAAAAMEAH!
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Mark Henry vs. Big Show
Momentum has kind of been on Mark Henry’s side (from what I’ve seen on RAW at least, I haven’t been able to catch SmackDown much). This is what makes me think that a bait the crowd and switch happens. Mark Henry, who has been busting his chops off, could dominate most of the match leading to a Big Show comeback, perhaps a nice knockout punch to put Henry to sleep.
Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Big Show

Rock and Cena vs. Awesome Truth
…do we REALLY have to talk about this? Isn’t the outcome here obvious enough? Rock and Cena wins, and then Rock gets a one up by Rock Bottoming Cena putting Boots to @$$es.
Winners: Rock and John Cena

Face Wins: 4
Heel Wins: 2
Title Changes: 2
Expected Grade for PPV: C+

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