Thoughts on The Rock’s return to the ring

Nov 19, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

by Michael Belanger

The Rock returns to the ring Sunday at Survivor Series.

After seven years in Hollywood, The Rock will team with John Cena to wrestle the Miz and R-Truth at the pay-per-view. The feud started during the Oct.24 edition of “Raw.”

During the show, Cena beat the Miz and R-Truth via disqualification. Cena had to wrestle Awesome Truth in a handicap match because Zack Ryder was unable to compete that night.

After the match, Awesome Truth continued to attack Cena. Thankfully, John Laurinaitis restored order to the show.

Because of the incident, Laurinaitis booked Cena in a tag match against Awesome Truth at Survivor Series. Laurinaitis also allowed Cena to pick his own partner for the match at the pay-per-view.

Without hesitation, Cena asked The Rock to form a tag team at Survivor Series. A week later, The Rock responded to Cena’s request via satellite. He agreed to be Cena’s partner against Awesome Truth.

To create some buzz for the match, The Rock appeared on “Raw” Monday. In the last segment of the show, he made fun of The Miz, R-Truth, and Cena. He also had time to start a fight with Awesome Truth.

Since Monday, wrestling fans have been anticipating The Rock’s return to the ring. The Rock’s return is magnified because it’s taking place at Madison Square Garden. Basically, The Rock must deliver a good match at the pay-per-view.

The Rock must do the following things to make his comeback a success:


The Rock has an obligation to make new stars. The Rock must give his opponents a chance to shine. As a legend, The Rock has a responsibility to sell the moves of The Miz and R-Truth.

Cut a Promo like the Rock

The Rock must say something new to get the fans excited again. It appears the Rock has lost some his magic. He needs to stop talking in sound bites. The Rock must learn to cut promos again. Wrestling fans miss promos filled with passion and a purpose. The Rock used to be one of the best talkers in the business.

Check his Ego

The Rock is an important part of the match. He must remember to share the spotlight with other wrestlers. A great wrestling match involves people who can control their personal feelings for several minutes.


The Rock needs to keep Wrestlemania in the back of his mind. His performance Sunday will set the tone for the WWE in 2012.

If the Rock manages to complete the tasks listed above, wrestling fans are going to be extremely excited about 2012 for one reason: The fans get to see Cena wrestle The Rock at Wrestlemania 28!

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