11/19 ROH on Sinclair Recap

Nov 19, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

ROH on Sinclair Recap
By Cody A. Springer

We recap House of Truth vs. American Wolves last week, particularly the Dragon Sleeper Eddie Edwards used for the first time. Tonight, Team Richards spars as Kyle O’ Reilly takes on Davey Richards. Tonight is also the second TV appearance for “The Biggest Man in ROH” Mike Mondo.

Match #1: Alex Silva vs. Mike Mondo
Lock up early for both men. Lots of back and forth then a test of strength. Mondo gains the advantage but Silva flips Mondo over, both jockeys for position. The ref gets caught up in the action, which gives Mondo the opportunity to deck Silva and send him out, before hitting a plancha. Both back in, cover for two. Mondo takes control. Silva battles back out of a headlock, and we get a forearm battle. A spinebuster by Silva gets a two. More back and forth action, leading to a Silva powerbomb and a two. Mondo reverses it into an armbar. Silva reaches the ropes, Mondo reverses another spinebuster into a facebuster and a double arm DDT for the three.
Winner: Mike Mondo

We got to a segment with Jim Cornette, who says he will make a statement that next week, he will address his actions regarding the lawsuit from Kevin Steen, and denies all allegations Steen made toward Cornette.

Match #2: Jamin Olivencia vs. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett
Bennett with control early on. Slap from Olivencia and some armdrags. Bennett reeling, but hits a spinebuster to gain control. Bennett punishes Jamin in the corner. Jamin battles back with some chops, but Bennett with a neckbreaker and a two. Jamin battles out of a chinlock, hitting a bunch of forearms, and a huge exploding knee. Jamin with a huge spinning lariat for a two. Bennett sets Jamin up for a powerbomb, but Jamin reverses it into a cover. Bennett kicks out and hits the box office smash for the win.
Winner: Mike Bennett

Inside ROH: This week, on Twitter Davey Richards revealed that Eddie Edwards’ new trainer is Dan “The Beast” Severn. Davey says that he’s a little betrayed by Eddie by taking Davey’s idea that he wanted to train with Severn a long time, and he thought he would be above going behind Davey’s back to train with Severn. Next week there will be an interview with Dan Severn and Eddie Edwards. We look back at the confrontation last week between the All Night Express and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. The Briscoes are also challenging Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander so they can show that they can beat them faster than WGTT did. Cedric and Caprice then say that they don’t fear The Briscoes. That match will take place next week.

Main Event: Kyle O’ Reilly vs. Davey Richards
We start off with Davey and Kyle squaring off, exchanging legs kicks and sizing each other up. Davey rushes Kyle and sends him down with strikes. Both men exchange strikes and submissions, both evenly matched. Both men apply heel hooks to each other simultaneously, before Kyle reaches the ropes. Davey helps Kyle up. Kyle starts to gain the upper hand with some kicks, but Davey is having none of it, battling back. Davey hooks in an armtrap cloverleaf, before turning it into a pin for a two. Kyle battles back but gets caught by a dropkick. Kyle hits in a triple butterfly suplex hat trick into an armbar. Davey gets Kyle caught up in the turnbuckle, and hits a huge kick in the corner. Kyle musters strength, and gets into a forearm battle with Davey. Davey puts a stop to it with a huge kick to the head of Kyle. Davey sets up in the corner, and Davey blasts Kyle with a running kick to the face, and two. Davey hits a backdrop suplex for another two. Quick commercial break. We return with Davey getting in a surfboard like submission maneuver on Kyle, before rolling it over for two. Both men battle with chops, but Davey hits a huge lariat and both men go down. Davey misses a charge into the corner, and after a reversal, gets into a slap battle with O’Reilly. Davey ducks one and hits a kick, but Kyle battles back and hits a big boot to a sitting Davey for two. Both men trade kicks, and O’Reilly hits a Fisherman Backdrop Suplex pin for two. Kyle makes his way to the top turnbuckle, but Davey boots him off to the outside. Davey with a boot to O’Reilly from the apron. Davey goes for a kick, but hits the ring post. O’Reilly on the apron, and a huge dropkick to Richards. O’Reilly rolls Davey back in and hits a huge missile dropkick for two. Kyle quickly transitions into a guillotine choke. Davey stands up and lifts Kyle for a suplex. Kyle hits knees to Davey’s head, but Davey drops O’Reilly and locks in the Ankle Lock. Kyle rolls out of it and hits a Tornado DDT back in to the guillotine. Davey reverses it into a bridge pin attempt for two. Kyle quickly goes to a standing guillotine, but Davey quickly reverses it into an ankle lock. Kyle reverses it into an ankle lock of his own, the grapevines. Davey rolls over into another Ankle Lock. Tony Kozina throws in the towel for Kyle O’Reilly.
Winner: Davey Richards

Truth Martini who was on commentary for this match, makes his way to the ring to talk to Davey, apparently telling Davey all he did wrong in the match. Davey doesn’t like that, and gets lassoed into the turnbuckle by both Richards and O’Reilly.

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