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Jesse Neal comments on TNA Release

Via Twitter:

“Somethings u just have to question but….. then again i dont give a fu………. its time for a new me and a change. If u want to book me I am free after this weekend, let me know…. and trust me u’ll get ur moneys worth”

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5 Responses

  1. MIKE M says:

    no1 cares

  2. chris says:

    I hearby take back everything I’ve said about TNA trying to build on an audience the WWE is content to ignore, and that is the fanbase that enjoys tag team wrestling.

    Of course, he could always go to WWE, where’d they’d change his name to Jesse Clay, and make him Brodis (will I ever debut orr will I suffer the fate hype to jobber build up given to Johnny Curtis) Clay’s brother, jesse Clay.

  3. A says:

    Um…he’s still with TNA, according to his twitter anyway “Trust me u guys as soon as I know things u will too. Currently I am still apart of TNA. I will be at the Live Events tomm. And Sat. MS!!”

  4. Ben says:

    Matt hardy hacked his twitter

  5. Ian says:

    He is a moron…they were trying to help him get better by sending him to train with some great trainers and he refused to to it…I’m sorry Jesse Neal, i didn’t realize you were one of the top guys in professional wrestling and didn’t need any help.

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