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Update on John Morrison’s contractual status with WWE

As things stand, John Morrison’s last announced booking is 11/28 in Columbia, SC. His contract expires at the end of the month, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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  1. Hipnosis says:

    sounds like TNA Lockdown’s gonna be awesome 😉

  2. OK says:

    He will be a good addition to the X-Division. No main eventing for him please :)

  3. Drew says:


  4. AttitudeEra76 says:

    It’s a shame John Morrison wasn’t given a bigger push.

    Next to CM Punk & Daniel Bryan he is one of the best wrestlers in the company.

  5. John says:

    JoMo Is The Best In The World and needs to stay in wwe and become main eventer. JoMo has charima of shawn michalels agility of RVD and the excitment of a jeff hardy match.

  6. steve says:

    LOL, JoMo doesn’t hold a candle to AJ Styles. AJ will show him what wrestling is all about if he comes to TNA, which BTW is the house that AJ built.

  7. Ben says:

    i agree aj styles is the best wrestler in tna i just wish tna would reconize that and treat him like the star that he is. Would luv to see aj stles vs. JoMo could be match of the year

  8. Saint Savage says:

    I smell a screwjob in the works.

  9. AttitudeEra76 says:

    AJ Styles is nothing in comparison to CM Punk or Davey Richards. John Morrison has more to offer TNA than RVD, Jeff Hardy or any other former WWE outcast. His promos are solid but his gimmick is lame.

  10. McMahon says:

    AJ Styles can go an entire match without making an ass of himself. That’s one up on Davey. And I don’t see WWE giving JoMo a push right before he leaves. Seems strange. Almost too convenient.

  11. Mackdeezy says:

    Maybe I’m on something, but I think they could give the title to Morrison, maybe as a bargaining chip

  12. -J- says:

    from the “doghouse” to the title suddenly? who the hell comes up with this crap in wwe…leave.

  13. Stoner steve says:

    i know. Right? 6 months in the jobber doghouse and suddenly one win makes him #1 contender.

  14. OstegoAmigo says:

    Winner and NEW Impact Wrestling Champion, Brother Morris Johnson Cage!

  15. Humbug says:

    “AJ will show him what wrestling is all about if he comes to TNA”

    Before that happens someone needs to teach TNA what real wrestling is!!!! lmao

  16. Tim Steed says:

    John Morrison won’t go to TNA LOL, He isn’t a pensioner with a dodgy hip, he isn’t addicted to alcoholism or drugs and he isn’t STUPID. Why is it every time someone in WWE is about to leave it’s TNA TNA TNA, more people have actually left the business rather than go to TNA.

  17. Shaggy says:

    Isn’t AJ Styles planning to leave TNA?

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