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Title match changed up for Survivor Series PPV

Reported by Adam Martin of is reporting that Dolph Ziggler will be defending the WWE United States Championship against John Morrison at the Survivor Series PPV this Sunday. For the second PPV in a row, Ziggler will wrestle twice in one night and will take part in the Team Orton vs. Team Barrett elimination tag match.

It was announced at the Smackdown tapings last night that Ziggler would defend his title against Zack Ryder. is running an article talking about John Laurinaitis “snubbing” Ryder’s Twitter petition to get a title shot.

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  1. mshelez says:

    This is either Morrison’s shot at a title so he doesn’t leave or Morrison doesn’t get it and he uses that as his reason for leaving. Either way, its BS and Ryder should have that spot.

  2. dave says:

    I think they’re smart for not pulling the trigger on Ryder. Yeah he’s popular but he’s going to have to do more than rip off a reality TV show to prove he can keep going. How long has Morrison been in the dog house for?

    I would like to see guy get the title shot but if you ask me the order of succession I say Morrison deserves the shot first and then Ryder.

  3. O says:

    I’d really like to see Morrison get the title. I know that alot of people hate on him, but I’ve always enjoyed watching him. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ryder vs Morrions for the title either. I’m not picky.

  4. mshelez says:

    Ryder’s wrestling skills aren’t tops but in the WWE we all know you don’t need to just be a great wrestler. You need the entire package. Ryder is WAY more entertaining that Morrison and he sells. Same with Bryan. Great wrestler – no personality. Morrison can carry the US title for awhile. It’s not like he is looking to carry the US belt. Then I might think differently. Regardless, I don’t think everyone loves Ryder these days because of his Jersey Shore routine. It’s because he has charisma and he knows how to get people behind him. He is a real underdog story.

  5. Zack says:

    I must be the only WWE fan on the planet who does not give a crap about Zack Ryder.

  6. soccer20649 says:

    that sucks! would rather see ryder than morrison

  7. dmeda says:

    why dont they make it a triple threat???

  8. McMahon says:

    I actually like this more. It gives Johnny Ace some more heat, gives us the ol’ “beat the champ non-title gets a title shot” match, and Ziggler/JoMo has more potential as a MOTN than Ziggler/Ryder. I just wish they let this play out on TV.

  9. Hipnosis says:

    Good Job I’m ok with this. They need to go right ahead and start hyping up ZACK RYDER vs ALBERTO DEL RIO for the WWE TITLE!

  10. Mackdeezy says:

    And THAT’S why hid petition angle hasn’t been dropped

  11. Criss Brian says:

    Dumb. They need to pull the trigger on Ryder. If he wasn’t gonna get the shot, they never should have said so

  12. Mr. Black says:

    Wow John Morrison can suck a d. I can’t believe his whiny ass is getting the title shot and not the overwhelmingly over Zack Ryder. I mean come on, everybody who has a computer knows that Morrison is leaving when his contract expires. I hope ziggler buries him in 2 minutes.

  13. Michael says:

    This almost reminds me of the good ol days when the face would chase after the title for a good long while before finally getting their title run. You know, back in the day before they went to 2 PPVs a year.

  14. -J- says:

    Morrison wins turns heel and feuds with ryder?

  15. matt says:

    @ Dave, ryder was doing this gimmick way before the jersey shore was on tv

  16. Cazper says:

    Call me crazy, but the way I see this playing out is for the better of Ziggler and it also gives Ryder more to build up for the part. Ziggler loses the belt to Morrison, but goes on to be the sole survivor of the elimination match later on that night hopefully pushing him to main event status setting him up for a World Title shot. To me it seems like WWE needs more top heels and Dolph Ziggler to me can fill that spot.
    Morrison goes on to fued with Ryder and drops the title to him before his contract expires.
    Win – Win situation on all hands if you ask me. Morrison gets one more title run before his contract is out, Ryder gets his first singles title belt, and Dolph in the world title picture.
    What do you think?

  17. Eric says:

    To me it doesn’t matter who Ziggler beats as long as he wins. He’s given that title credibility again. No body even cared about that belt before he had it and now its got more hype going around it than the world title does. Ziggler/Jomo makes more sense because its been built on tv. Ziggler/Rudder makes sense because they’ve hyped it on TLIS. But now Jomo finishes up his contract losing, gives ziggler more wrestlers and great matches under him and makes for even better TLIS episodes because now he can not like Jomo even more, lol. Imagine what’s his dads gonna say. But in the end ziggler goes over Jomo and it opens the door wide open for Ryder.

  18. Saint Savage says:

    I smell a screwjob taking place and John leaving.

  19. AttitudeEra76 says:

    Ryder hasn’t proved himself yet and Morrison certainly has. Maybe losing Morrison is a good thing for WWE, they can push someone else or sign Colt Cabana and team him with CM Punk.

  20. John says:

    Wwe is playing mind games with the fans. JoMo is the greatest wrestler the wwe has and needs this to go on to the world title.

  21. John says:

    I like the possiblity of this. 3 way match between them would be great. Or singles match with Rider vs. JoMo would be great feud

  22. Ben says:

    they are grooming all three for the world title. JoMo is not going anywhere and is my pick to win royal rumble

  23. b says:

    please wwe if your ever going to do anything right…… RELEASE ALL 3!!! ZIGGLER, RYDER, AND MORRISON!

  24. Stoner steve says:

    they aint going nowhere least of all Ziggler. He is going to win the Royal Rumble and the World Title.

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