Update on potential WWE Network shows

Nov 15, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

More updates on shows under consideration for the WWE Network television
channel. The latest ideas include; a show with Steve Austin touring the
country sampling different beers; Mick Foley doing a travel guide of
different amusement parks; a workout series where a WWE wrestler takes a
bunch of skinny guys and shows them how to eat right and bulk up; and a
behind the scenes look at life as a member of WWE road crew traveling
town-to-town and rigging up the set for each live event.

WWE recently filed paperwork to trademark “WWE Livewire” which was the
name of the company’s interactive phone-in show which ran on cable from
1996-2001. They also applied to trademark “WWE House of Fame” and “WWE
Wrestlemania Rewind” which are shows for the Network that have gotton
the green light. The former is a Big Brother-style show with WWE legends
as house mates, and the later is a show looking back at previous

(credit: Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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