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News on CM Punk, Hornswoggle, and Eve

– WWE sent Hornswoggle to The Muppets world movie premiere in Hollywood on Saturday.

– There was a meet-and-greet with CM Punk yesterday in London at Harrods. The deal was you had to purchase WWE merchandise to meet Punk, limited
to 400 people, but the rib here was there was zero Punk merchandise on sale, which led to people attempting to return the items they had purchased afterwards. Some people did manage to sneak by ROH merchandise which he signed. No personal photos were allowed, which upset a lot of people, and later the Harrods staff became heels, as some of them were getting pictures taken with Punk. One of our readers wrote, “Punk seemed happy to sign anything for us, and from what I noticed he was really good with the younger kids. So kudos to him for that.”

– Eve tweeted: Title match at #SurvivorSeries this Sunday at #MSG = A dream come true.

(information from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter was used in this report)

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  1. mshelez says:

    I’ve met Punk twice. Once was at a place called Last Licks in NYC. Matt Hardy was supposed to be there but he couldn’t do it. I didn’t really like Punk that much at the time but I figured I would go with my daughter anyway. She was about 4 at the time. She brought him a picture she drew. When she gave it to him, he had her autograph it for him like he was autographing her picture. Instant fan for life. I tell that story to anyone with two ears because I just think that was super cool of him.

    The second time I met him was at Ringside Fest last month. My daughter and I made him a key chain that was his fist, wrapped up with the “X” on it. Since I really like him so much more now than the first time I met him, I was a nervous mess. I practiced what I was going to say every day and when it came time, it all came out like a jumbled mess. Punk was there for about 3 hours signing out autographs and taking pictures so they were rushing us a bit (I was one of the last 20 people in line). While I was talking to him, the guy who was taking out picture snapped the picture, but Punk was looking down. Punk asked him to take another picture since he was looking down and not smiling in the picture.

    I have had two awesome, memorable experiences with him. He was one of the nicest guys I have met so far between wrestlers and musicians. If you ever have a chance to meet him, definitely do it.

  2. ruben says:

    i always heard he was a bastard to people until they continued to talk to him and then he would be nice.

  3. Jon says:

    I wish that he had held a fan signing here over the Philippines when they had a house show here. Unfortunately they didn’t so I had to wait for them outside their hotel at 4am because they were leaving the country in the morning. I got the autographs of Mysterio, Dreamer, Gail Kim and Jeff Hardy but I really wanted CM Punk’s autograph. Unfortunately either he was playing the heel or he was tired or he didn’t like to sign stuff outside the hotel he just got in the bus and didn’t even look at our small group. I can’t really blame him though for any of those reasons. Still I wish I had gotten his autograph …

    PS I was so desperate to get his signature that I told Jeff Hardy to ask Punk if he was willing to come down and sign stuff even though they were feuding at that time 😀

  4. mshelez says:

    After having done meet and greets with various people, I have come to the conclusion that you need to be unique. If you meet some wrestler you like and have him autograph your magazine with him on the cover, no big. He/she has done that a hundred times before. Now if you give them something unique, I think they will be more inclined to talk to you for a tad bit longer. You also have to realize that when you do a meet and greet, it is very time sensitive. The line at Carolines for Ringfest was huge. I was outside for almost an hour for Punk before I even got inside the building which was another almost 2 hour wait. They wanted to be done by 4:00 and he stayed until almost 5:00 to take care of everyone.

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