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Smackdown SPOILERS for Friday

Results from Bridgeport, CT:

– Backstage, Mark Henry attacked Daniel Bryan, and assaulted him until officials came to Bryan’s aid. Henry called out The Big Show, and said he’ll retain the title at Survivor Series.

– Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero came out, and Vickie announced that Ziggler would defend the United States title against Zack Ryder at the Survivor Series. He will also be competing with Team Barrett in the traditional Survivor Series elimination match.

– Ziggler defeated Sin Cara after Jack Swagger ran out to distract Sin Cara. As the heels move in on Sin Cara, Mason Ryan came out to make the save.

– Mason Ryan defeated Jack Swagger

– Backstage, Big Show and Justin Gabriel signed Zack Ryder’s petition.

– An injured Christian came out wearing a neck brace and using crutches. Christian said that even though he won’t be able to wrestle at the Survivor Series, he will be there to support Team Barrett.

– Backstage, Big Show and AJ checked up on Daniel Bryan as Show vowed to get revenge on Henry.

– Ted DiBiase defeated Derrick Bateman

– The Big Show was looking for Henry backstage, but neither Jinder Mahal and Tyson Kidd knew his whereabouts. Mahal spoke in Punjabi, but Show reacted by hitting him with a knockout punch. Show went do to the ring and said that at Survivor Series, he would do to him what Henry did to Daniel Bryan tonight.

– Hunico came to the ring to cut a short promo in Spanish.

– Kofi Kingston defeated Hunico

– Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeated AJ and Kaitlyn

– A promo for Ezekial Jackson aired

– Sheamus and Randy Orton defeated IC champion Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett via DQ due to Christian’s interference. Sheamus and Orton deliver their finishers and pose for the fans as the show ends.

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10 Responses

  1. Craig says:

    If Zack Ryder has the match, why is he still getting people to sign his petition?

  2. Jono K says:

    @Craig i thought the exact same thing

    Bateman on Smackdown is a win for me, why not have Ryder wrestle??? And Ziggler is a workhorse, 2 matches on TV this week and 2 at the PPV…

  3. Hipnosis says:

    it is boring.

    and they REALLY need to end this no sense making Divas Angle. I’m still pissed they had on EVE stealing NATALYA and BETH’S car….isn’t that called “A DOUBLE TURN?” So now Beth and Nattie are face and Eve is heel while Kelly needs to make a decision? lol

  4. Jack says:

    @ Craig & Jono they will probably edit Ziggler announcing the title match till after Big Show and Justin have signed it you know how Smackdown have a habit of film shows backwards 😛

  5. Terror says:

    And 2 at the last PPV…

  6. AJ Starr says:

    Ooooh, now Barrett will take Christian’s place in the same exact tag match with the same finish we have seen every week for 2 months.

    Whew, and here I thought they were going to have to do something different!

  7. OK says:

    @ Hipnosis It’s OK, cheating, stealing & racism have always been good things in wrestling.. I mean entertainment.

  8. James says:


    I’m gonna make a slight adjustment to what you said. Its OK for Faces to cheat, steal and racism but for the heels its a “no-no” and we should hate them.

  9. Humbug says:

    Racism? What did I miss here?

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