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Impact SPOILERS for Thursday

-Bobby Roode comes out and talks trash about Fortune. He is interrupted by James Storm, who advances to the ring to get into it with Roode. Unfortunately for him, security stops him on his way. AJ Styles comes in from the crowd. They brawl until security separates them. After exchanging words, the “General Menace” of IMPACT WRESTLING, Sting announces that Roode will face AJ Styles at Final Resolution in a 30-Minute Iron Man Match for the World Heavyweight Title.

-Robbie E defeated Devon to retain the Television Championship. Both the Pope and Robbie T joined their respective partners. Robbie was able to pin Devon when he was distracted by his kids checking on Pope after outside fight involving Terry, The Pope and Eric Young.

-In a pretape, James Storm accuses Samoa Joe for laying him out last week. Despite denying that he did it, the two get into a backstage brawl.

-Jesse Sorensen and Brian Kendrick defeated Kid Kash and Austin Aries. Aries and Kash argued with resulted in Aries abandoning his partner. Sorensen was able to hit his finisher when Kash missed a move.

-Mickie James won a 10-Knockout Gauntlet Match to earn a shot at the Knockouts Title. Velvet Sky went through both Rosita and Brooke Tessmacher in quick fashion before getting pinned by Angelina Love. Mickie James then consecutively pinned Angelina Love, Sarita, Tara, Winter and ODB. After ODB was pinned, she laid out Mickie James with a TKO. The final entrant, Madison Rayne got cocky and allowed Mickie to roll her up for the victory.

-In a pretape, Sting is talking with Garett Bischoff. Crimson and Matt Morgan enter and Sting talks to them about the tag team division. With the absence of the Motor City Machine Guns and the split of Team 3D, Mexican America are threatening to leave due to lack of competition. He is putting Crimson and Matt Morgan in a tag team, giving them a Tag Team Title shot later that night.

-Karen Jarrett is in the ring and calls out Jeff Hardy. She runs down Hardy questioning his manhood. This allows Jeff Jarrett to come in through the crowd but Hardy blocks the attempt. Hardy gets away Scot-free in this exchange.

-Crimson and Matt Morgan defeated Mexican America to win the World Tag Team Titles after a Carbon Footprint by Morgan.

-Garett Bischoff defeated Gunner cleanly with a DDT. Bischoff now has his own theme music and DixieTron video.

-Back in the ring, James Storm is trying to figure out who attacked him. Storm mentions AJ Styles talking about he got multiple World Title shots as a result. AJ Styles comes out and the two argue. AJ is offended that Storm would accuse him. The two eventually come to blows. Kazarian comes out and separates the two. Kazarian leads AJ Styles backstage. James Storm leaves when all of a sudden, Kurt Angle comes out and attacks James Storm. He throws Storm back in the ring and hits an Angle Slam. He announces that he was the one who attacked Storm last week.

Xplosion -Christopher Daniels defeated Eric Young with his feet on the ropes.

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7 Responses

  1. fourtuneth wall says:

    “Garett Bischoff defeated Gunner cleanly with a DDT.”

    Hot ex-referee on ex-security-guard action in the final official match of the show. Game-changing booking.

  2. Hipnosis says:

    ….they got Garrett and Jesse Soresen getting TV time over JACK EVANS and LOW KI?! WTF?!

  3. John says:

    What do expect with who running things? Its getting as bad as wwe. I would rather see samoe joe low ki or tna needs to bring back my favorite jay lethal

  4. david r. says:

    At least, now Garrett has his own music and video. Even the idiots from jersey shore had music and a vid, and are not even pros. For some reason, I see talent in this kid. I’m also glad that Garrett is a Bischoff and not a Jarrett, that would be the worse name in history.

  5. cold says:

    Good Idea to have Angle get even with storm, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to:

    – Have Storm Drop the Title to Roode after an assault from Angle, instead of turning bobby heel at the Height of his popularity?

    – then have an Angle Where Angle convinces Fortune that Roode and he are working together, but have Roode constantly deny that.

    – After Fortune Turns on Roode, have AJ or Roode, Turn heel and screw everyone. To Form an Elite Heel Stable with Angle, Samoa Joe

  6. Meh says:

    – After Fortune Turns on Roode, have AJ or Roode, Turn heel and screw everyone. To Form an Elite Heel Stable with Angle, Samoa Joe

    I rather see AJ as a heel since he has already won the grand slam twice over in TNA despite the company’s 9 year history and he does his best work when he is a heel.

  7. Rex Anderson says:

    Im glad some of my questions were answered

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