WWE Wellness Program double standard?

Nov 14, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Following the drug suspension of Evan Bourne, there has been a lot of recent debate among WWE talent about a double standard in the Wellness Program. Bourne was suspended on 11/1 after testing positive for synthetic marijuana, which apparently a small group of WWE people were doing during a party. Bourne was the only one of the group suspended for 30 days, while another person, who is part of the main event at Survivor Series, was given the $2500 pot fine. This has led to questions about whether the drug testing procedure is flawed or whether the company treats talent differently depending on their position on the card. For what it’s worth, Bourne wrote on Twitter this past week that he did a “candid and honest”interview with WWE magazine, so perhaps his suspension will play into a future storyline.

Credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter

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