TURNING POINT: Mexican America/Sarita vs. Ink Inc./Toxxin (TNA Tag Titles)

Nov 13, 2011 - by Adam Martin

TNA Tag Team Championships
Mexican America (c's) and Sarita w/ Rosita vs. Ink Inc. and Toxxin

We start with Shannon Moore and Anarquia. Moore with a big spin kick that drops Anarquia. Tag to Jesse Neal who takes a knee to the gut from Anarquia. Tag to Hernandez who locks up with Neal and pushes him away. Hernandez with a huge clothesline on Neal. Hernandez challenges Neal to hit the ropes repeatedly and Hernandez won't budge. Neal finally gets the better of him with a quick boot. Tag to Moore who flips over Hernandez and takes out Anarquia with a dropkick. Moore with a quick rollup on Hernandez. Hernandez breaks free and tags in Anarquia. Moore with a springboard hip toss and side kick combo. Tag to Neal who is hip tossed by Moore over Anarquia. Anarquia fights back and tags in Hernandez. Hernandez launches himself in over the top rope connecting with a big shoulder block on Neal. Sarita gets in a few cheap shots from the ring apron. Anarquia and Rosita join in. Hernandez pulls Neal out under the bottom rope and Anarquia dropkicks Neal out. This allows Hernandez and Sarita to get in more cheap shots. Anarquia, now the legal man, works over the neck of Neal. Tag to Hernandez who splashes Neal in the corner and then tosses up Anarquia, but Anarquia misses and Neal explodes with a spear on Hernandez. Hernandez had knocked Moore off the ring apron before the spear. Hot tags to Sarita and Toxxin. Toxxin with a clothesline, elbow and dropkick combo. Moore and Neal double team Hernandez when he breaks up a Toxxin pinfall attempt on Sarita. Moore with a springboard moonsault over Hernandez to the floor. Neal plants Anarquia face first on the mat. Neal drops Toxxin over Anarquia connecting with a leg drop. Toxxin with a jawbreaker on Anarquia. Toxxin and Neal pull down the pants of Anarquia. Rosita distracts Toxxin. Sarita grabs one of the tag title belts and cracks it over the back of Toxxin with the referee distracted. Sarita covers Toxxin to get the pinfall.

Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Mexican America

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with Kid Kash and the TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries. Kash wants to beat some respect into Jesse Sorensen. Aries reveals they have a plan tonight: it will be a handicap match tonight.

* Austin Aries defending the TNA X Division Championship against Kid Kash and Jesse Sorensen is up next.

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