TURNING POINT: Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett

Nov 13, 2011 - by Adam Martin

A video package runs hyping Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett.

Feed returns during Jeff Hardy’s entrance. He is wearing an odd mask.

Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett w/ Karen Jarrett

When Hardy hits the ring, he catches Jarrett with a Twist of Fate and gets the pinfall in seconds.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Jeff Jarrett calls for an immediate rematch. The referee gives the okay and here we go again.

Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett w/ Karen Jarrett

Jarrett goes on the attack right away. Jarrett drapes Hardy over the ropes and Jarrett hits his big right hand. Jarrett drops a fist to the head of Hardy from the corner. Jarrett does this a second time. Hardy blocks a third attempt and hits a front suplex. Jarrett recovers and trips up Hardy on the top turnbuckle attempting a Whisper in the Wind. Jarrett struts across the ring and then stomps over Hardy. Jarrett with a sleeper locked on Hardy. Hardy with a back suplex. Jarrett and Hardy exchange right hands. Hardy with a quick rollup for two. Jarrett blocks the twist of fate, attempts a Figure Four, Hardy with a rollup and gets the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Jeff Jarrett is shocked. Karen Jarrett is arguing with the referee. Hardy heads up the ramp saying he is back. Jarrett grabs a chair and gives Hardy a big chairshot to the head (unprotected at that). Jarrett yells down at Hardy, “This is over when I say it is over.” Jarrett drags Hardy down the ramp and throws him back in the ring. Jarrett gives Hardy The Stroke in the ring. Jarrett yells at referee Earl Hebner to count. Hebner counts the pinfall. At two, Hardy turns Jarrett over and pins him for the third time tonight. Jarrett freaks out.

We go to Tenay and Taz who take out Hardy one-upping Jarrett three times tonight in the ring.

Backstage, members of the TNA roster congratulate Jeff Hardy.

Backstage, TNA Champion Bobby Roode talks about being the real talent in Beer Money and how this is the new era of selfishness. He said Fortune 4 is no more.

A video package runs hyping Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles tonight.

* Bobby Roode defending the TNA Championship against AJ Styles is up next to close the show.

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