TURNING POINT: Aries vs. Kash vs. Sorensen (TNA X Title)

Nov 13, 2011 - by Adam Martin

TNA X Division Championship
Austin Aries (c) vs. Kid Kash vs. Jesse Sorensen

When the bell rings both Austin Aries and Kid Kash go after Jesse Sorensen. Kash tells Aries to back off. When Aries comes back in he gets in a cheap shot on Sorensen. This allows Kash to get in some crossface forearms to the face. Aries with an elbow to the head of Sorensen. Sorensen with a back body drop on Aries. Kash cuts off Sorensen with a big kick to the chest. Kash with a HUGE chop to Sorensen. Sorensen with a flip dive over the top rope taking out Aries and Kash. Sorensen goes up top and Kash tosses him off into the ropes. Kash with kicks to Sorensen. Kash with a huge release suplex on Sorensen. Aries with chops to Sorensen with Kash holding him. Kash with a backbreaker on Sorensen. Kash with a cover and Aries breaks it up yelling, “Stick to the plan!” Sorensen with a series of big dropkicks. Sorensen with a big crossbody from the top rope on Aries that is broken up by Kash during a pinfall attempt. Kash with a surfboard submission applied on Sorensen. Kash with a chop to Sorensen. Aries with a chop as well. Kash stomps over Sorensen in the corner. Kash trips up Sorensen in the ring and then tosses him into the steel ring barricade. Aries with a suicide dive to Sorensen with Kash holding him up. Aries with a cover and Kash breaks it up. Aries yells, “Hey, that isn't the plan!” Sorensen with a comeback attempt, but gets cut off by Aries. Kash with a big scoop slam and flexes as the crowd boo's loudly. Aries attempts a frog splash, but Sorensen gets his knees up. Kash with a moonsault and Sorensen moves. Sorensen with a fast neckbreaker and Kash barely breaks up the pin attempt. Sorensen face plants Aries. Kash again breaks up the pinfall. Kash with another huge chop to Sorensen. Kash with a superplex off the top on Sorensen. Kash with his Money Maker piledriver on Sorensen. Kash covers and Aries puts Sorensen's foot on the bottom rope. Aries crawls back in and rolls up Kash for the win.

Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with AJ Styles. Styles talks about becoming TNA Champion with respect unlike Bobby Roode. He said Roode spit in the face of the fans of TNA after what he did to James Storm.

* Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels in a No DQ match is up next.

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