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TURNING POINT: Anderson/Abyss vs. Steiner/Bully Ray

Scott Steiner and Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson and Abyss

We start with Bully Ray and Anderson. Anderson with a big hip toss sending Ray across the ring to the corner. Anderson with another hip toss and he works over the left arm of Ray. Anderson with a spin kick catching Ray over the back. Ray with a big back suplex and tag to Scott Steiner. Anderson with a clothesline off the middle rope over Steiner. Anderson knocks Ray off the ring apron and catches Steiner with a big boot. Ray then pulls Anderson “yam bag first” as Taz called it into the steel ring post. Steiner sends Anderson face first into the boot of Ray who gets the tag. The crowd starts a “WE LOVE STEINER” chant. Steiner yells, “SHUT UP!” loudly at them. Tag to Abyss and the referee doesn’t see it. Ray goes after Anderson and sends him into the corner as he tags in Steiner. Loud “STEINER” chants as he puts Anderson up on the top rope. Steiner puts Anderson up on his shoulders and he drops back with force. Steiner spits at Abyss who gets rolled up by Anderson for a two count. Steiner with a quick overhead released belly-to-belly suplex. More “STEINER” chants and he tells them to shut up. Steiner flips them off chanting back “F*CK YOU…F*CK YOU…F*CK YOU.” Steiner with a Frankensteiner on Anderson. Finish saw Abyss blind tag Anderson and hit the Black Hole Slam on Steiner for the win.

Winners: Mr. Anderson and Abyss

After the match, Bully Ray gets a table. Ray and Scott Steiner put Abyss through it. Abyss no sells it and gets back up smiling.

Having some problems with my feed at Recap might be low on details soon.

Feed returns during a video package hyping Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim.

* Velvet Sky defending the TNA Knockouts Championship against Gail Kim is up next.

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5 Responses

  1. Rex Anderson says:

    SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT…. The crowd chants your name, and your stiff planet of the apes looking ass flips them off? I shouldnt have bought this ppv

  2. -J- says:

    Ahahahahaaaaa Steiner is f’n insane…too much roidz to the brain.

  3. Maxx Proffitt says:

    Hey, Rex…I take it you don’t understand wrestling…… all. Steiner is a heel. He doesn’t want the crowd to like him. Therefore, he must make sure the crowd hates him for any reason at all. wow…sometimes i still get amazed….

  4. Flex armstrong says:

    Omg get rid of stiener he pulled the worst act ever hey rex I say we boycott tna till stiener learn some respect smh….

  5. Zachary S. says:

    This match made no sense, Anderson was THE LEGAL man yet the ref didn’t call it

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