New YouTube channel offers classic and new bouts‏

Nov 13, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Press Release

Aaron A Weiss Communications is proud to announce that we have entered into the YouTube partnership program and we have begun to release videos through our channel.

We have secured the exclusive rights to: Maple Leaf Wrestling (pre-WWE), Grand Prix Wrestling, Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, Big Time Wrestling (Canada), Pro Wrestling Canada, International Wrestling and Major League Wrestling.

Also, certain matches from: BCW, IWS, Warrior 1. UXW, SouthWest, Detriot, WWA, IWA-Mid-South, IWS and Pro Wrestling Syndicate

Currently available:

Jos Leduc & Mighty Igor v Tonga & Masked Superstar

Mike Rotunda and Johnny Weaver v Leo Burke & Don Kernodle

Clip Of Sabu aka Terry SR & Snake Williams v Joey Wareagle &The Wildman

Sabu v Necro Butcher

The Sandman v Shane Douglas

More matches to be released soon!

On-line video magazine featuring Russell Peters

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