Detailed 11/11 Smackdown Recap

Nov 12, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Smackdown Recap 11/11/11

by Brad Hoy

Randy Orton kicked off the show by making his way to the ring where he cut a promo on his opponents at Survivor Series. He stated that he will defeat all of them one by one, he listed all opponents, and when he got to Wade Barrett, Barrett came out. He said he has experience as a leader and he is a natural born leader, therefore by defeating Orton’s team at survivor series he will prove that he is World Championship material and is ready to win his first title.

Christian’s music then hit and he came out in a neck brace. He praised Barrett and said that he inspires people. He said that he and Barrett should send a message to their opponents, they began to attack Orton. Sheamus ran out to make the save and cleared the ring.

Teddy Long’s came out and announced that Christian will face Sheamus next. He also announced Barrett will face Randy Orton later in the show.

Sheamus Vs Christian

The match a good one, which I would expect nothing less from the two as they always produce good quality matches and this, was no different. The match had some good spots, however the one that stood out the most was when Christian jumped out of the ring, only to be caught by Sheamus, who then rammed him into the barricade.

Daniel Bryan cut a promo backstage where he was talking with A.J. and Kaitlyn about how he almost cashed in his Money in The Bank briefcase last week against the world’s strongest man. Mark Henry then interrupted and threatened Bryan by saying how dare he almost cash it in. Henry continued to say that Bryan had guts but he will spill them later tonight when the two go face to face in their match.

Next, a clip for Ezekiel Jackson was shown. This was then followed by a truly awful backstage segment between Teddy Long, Aksana and Alicia Fox took place. I wouldn’t want to put you through the pain of the promo by explaining it.

***Jobber Alert***

Ted DiBiase Vs Jinder Mahal

Jinder didn’t get an entrance. The match was a quick one with not a lot to it, Ted got the win.

Mark Henry Vs Daniel Bryan

Mark Henry was all over Daniel Bryan throughout most of the match, as expected. Henry won with the World’s Strongest Slam. Even though Bryan seems to have been jobbing to Henry over the past few weeks I still think this is better than him jobbing to mid carders. I just hope that the WWE don’t make a habit out of it and eventually give Bryan the push he deserves. After the match, Henry got a chair from ringside, which he aimed to break the leg of Daniel Bryan. Once Henry managed to get back into the ring, Bryan recovered been able to pick up the chair. Bryan hit Henry with the chair in which Henry didn’t sell (Which when someone doesn’t sell a chair shot always reminds me of what the Undertaker and Kane use to do so well). Henry then hit Bryan with a number of World’s Strongest Slams, he then set Bryan up in the corner and once again aimed to break Bryans leg with the chair, but once again was stopped but this time it was by The Big Show. Henry kept Show out of the ring, and hit Bryan on the back with the chair. Show stood on the apron and the two had a stare off until Henry got out of the ring. Show then entered the ring and tossed the world championship back to Henry; Show then cut a short promo against Henry and was just trashing him.

***Jobber Alert***

Big Show Vs 3 local Wrestlers

Big show defeated the three athletes as predicted in relatively quick secession and was a usual squash match.

Henry watched the match from the top of the ramp. After the match, Henry got on the mic and said he will beat Show at Survivor Series and leave him with a lasting impression.

Alicia Fox Vs Tamina

Natalya was on commentary throughout the match and without meaning to sound too harsh, it was probably the best part of the whole match. Nevertheless, Alicia got the victory.

There was an interview between Sheamus and Matt Striker talking about Sheamus’s temper.

Hunico and Epico w/Primo Vs The Uso’s

Hunico and Epico got the win over the Uso’s, who after being dramatically demoted from Monday night Raw to Superstars they seem to slowly be making their way back. Well, either that or the WWE have realised that they don’t have enough tag teams to be jobbing every week, and to be honest I really hope this is not the case as I would love to see the WWE push more tag teams.

After the match, Primo joined Hunico and Epico in beating down the Uso’s. The three Mexicans also performed a pretty good triple finisher. After the attack Hunico got on the mic and cut a promo in Spanish, to which the lively Liverpool crow maintained their “What” replies.

Wade Barrett Vs Randy Orton

The main event went back and forth between the two wrestlers and had some good spots. Orton went for an RKO but Barrett managed to avoid it, Barrett then got the win via a classic heel thumb to the eye followed by a roll up. Overall the match was a high-quality one, it was also good to see Barrett main eventing a bit more, now how long that will last I don’t know. However, I think that over the past year or so he has developed in many ways and I would like to see a lot more of him in the near future. We also can’t forget Orton’s consistent run of good form over the past few months and always producing good matches.

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