11/12 Ring of Honor on Sinclair Recap

Nov 12, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

By Cody A. Springer

We open with a recap of the Proving Ground Match with Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team.

Match 1: The Bravado Brothers vs. The Young Bucks (Generation ME from TNA)
This is The Young Bucks’ ROH TV debut. They go by Matt and Nick Jackson here. The match begins and Harlem Bravado quickly takes down Nick. Both back to their feet, and Nick whips Harlem off of the ropes. Shoulder block by Harlem for a one count. Nick shoves Harlem and gets a right hand to his face for his troubles. Harlem drives Nick in to the corner and tags in Lancelot. Both of the Bravados whip Nick off of the ropes and connect with a double arm drag maneuver. Lancelot whips off and hits a snapmare and Harlem hits a backsplash from the other side. Cover by Lancelot for a two. Lancelot brings Nick up and Nick hits a jawbreaker, and then drives Lancelot into the corner and tags in Matt. Both whip Lancelot off the ropes, hit the double arm drag, flip over and hit a double drop kick to a sitting Lancelot. Both men gloat as Matt covers for a two. Matt grabs Lancelot in a front facelock, and leads him to the Young Bucks’ corner as he tags in Nick. Nick with a kick to Lancelot, and then an armbreaker. Tag back to Matt who comes in with a double axehandle. Lancelot battles back with some elbows only to be met with elbows from Matt. Matt leads Lancelot into the corner and Lancelot hits both of the Bucks. Matt pushes Lancelot into the corner and Nick hits an enzuigiri from the apron. The tag is made as Matt picks up Lancelot and balances Lancelot’s legs on the rope as Nick climbs the corner and hits a double foot stomp. Nick covers Lancelot and Harlem breaks it up at two. Matt grabs and throws Harlem over the ropes and Harlem lands on the apron. Matt does a back handspring and grabs Harlem with his feet while standing on his hands and Nick connects with a huge dropkick right to the face of Harlem. Nick grabs Harlem, and tags in Matt. Both go to the corner and Nick whips Matt into Lancelot who elbows Matt in the face. Lancelot with a kick to Nick, then a lariat attempt that’s ducked by Nick who goes for a backdrop, but Lancelot flips through it, and pushes Nick into the corner. Matt comes in from behind Lancelot and hits him in the back of the head, and goes for a backdrop again to Lancelot, but Lancelot flips out of hit again, and falls in to his corner with a tag to Harlem. Harlem in like a house of fire with a lariat to Matt and then Nick, and elbow to Matt and then a bionic elbow to Nick. Harlem powerslams Matt and then doubles over Nick for a powerful scissors kick. Matt back in with a lariat that is ducked by Harlem, who reverses it into a HUGE Blue Thunder! Cover for a two by Harlem. Harlem stomps his feet and goes to whip Nick, but Nick reverses into an elbow. Matt runs at Harlem, but Harlem is able to vault Matt over on to the apron. Nick runs at Harlem after that, but Harlem moves out of the way at the last second, and Nick smacks into Matt, knocking Matt off of the apron. Harlem whips off the ropes and hits Nick with a huge bicycle kick, knocking Nick to the outside as well. Harlem pumps up the crowd and flips over the top with a plancha onto the Bucks. Harlem picks up Matt and rolls him back in the ring and covers for a two count. Tag to Lancelot, both whip Matt off of the ropes and Matt kicks Harlem and Lancelot, back handsprings his feet around Lancelot, but before he can try anything, Harlem lifts up Matts head and hits an aided Ace Crusher with Lancelot. Lancelot covers for two. Lancelot brings Matt back up and the Bravados whip Matt into the corner, where both charge and both are denied with an elbow and a kick from Matt. Matt up to the top, corkscrews almost into a Diamond Dust, but lands on his feet, uses Harlem as a wall to run up almost for a sliced bread #2, but he lands on his feet again, and holds Lancelot in a German hold. Lancelot reverses it into a German hold of his own, but is elbowed in the face by Matt. Matt tries to kick Harlem, but Harlem catches it and passes it off to Lancelot as Harlem runs around with an enzuigiri, followed by a German Suplex from Lancelot. Lancelot holds the German into a cover for two as Nick comes back in. Nick throws out Harlem and vaults over for a plancha. Lancelot puts elbows to Matt and then whips off of the ropes, as Nick reaches in the ring and trips up Lancelot. Lancelot rolls over and gets kicked in the head by Nick. Matt gets a wheelbarrow on Lancelot as Nick springboards in with a legdrop. Nick goes back out to the apron and hits a moonsault to Harlem on the outside. Nick quickly back to the top as the Bucks nail the “More Bang for Your Buck.” Cover by Matt for the three.
Winners: The Young Bucks

Commercial Break

We return from commercial with Kevin Kelly standing in the ring. He introduces Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team. Haas takes us back to Best in the World, where the Briscoes got beat alongside The Kings of Wrestling and the ANX. Haas says they earned the ROH Tag Team Championship, and at Final Battle, they’re going to get their asses beat. Kevin defers to Shelton who says that he never liked The Briscoes in the first place, and that they’re going to show “Dem Boyz” what real men look like. And until they get their hands on the Briscoes, nothing else matters. Cue ANX’s music. Kenny talks about how WGTT only ever talks about the Briscoes, and The Briscoes only talk about WGTT. He says there’s somthings wrong because somebody along the way forgot about the ANX. Kenny says he doesn’t need to remind anybody that the ANX are the hottest tag team in Ring of Honor, and that WGTT has been ducking them. Kenny says that he’s renaming Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team to Donald and Daffy, because until they face the All Night Express, all they are, are a bunch of ducks. Rhett says that even though they lost to The Brisoces, they sure as hell beat their asses a few times as well. All that the ANX needs is an opportunity.

Commercial Break

Inside ROH: We are taking a look again at Kevin Steen. They highlight Steen’s past as an ROH Wrestler, and his successful tag team with El Generico. They talk about Final Battle 2009 and how Kevin Steen went crazy after he and El Generico lost to the Young Bucks, and attacked Generico. We would soon learn that Steve Corino was the mastermind behind Steen’s transformation, who suggested that El Generico was holding Steen back. The war rages through 2010 as Steen and Generico have many epic encounters, leading to the Mask vs. Career Fight Without Honor at Final Battle 2010. After Steen lost, many were concerned for Steen’s mental state, including Steve Corino who felt guilty for his part in ruining Steen’s ROH Career. Corino vowed now to rehabilitate his image by helping out young ROH Stars and get Steen back. Corino was able to bring Steen back at Best in the World so that Steen could apologize to everybody in Ring of Honor. Steen took the opportunity to apparently apologize, but instead of sorry, he proclaimed “Eff Ring of Honor” before delivering a Package Piledriver to Corino. Steen would return at Death Before Dishonor to seemingly give Cary Silkin, the founder of ROH a Package Piledriver, but would be quickly restrained from doing so. Now Steen is taking legal action against ROH to get his spot on the roster back. Meanwhile, Jay Lethal is still upset that Mike Bennett is proclaiming that he is the real Television Champion. Jay says that he can’t stand Mike Bennett or anything about him. He says that he will give Mike Bennett a rematch, but Mike’s problem isn’t with a referee, it’s with Jay Lethal. Bennett says that Jay is so full of himself to think that he was going to get a shot at Davey Richards at Final Battle, and that now Jay Lethal thinks he’s going to give Bennett a rematch for the TV Title, but Bennett says that he’s going to give Jay a rematch for HIS TV Title, because he’s very generous, but that there needs to be a different referee.

Commercial Break

We return to Steve Corino interrupting Kevin and Nigel. He says that he finally has a solution to a problem. He says that he’s been saying for over a year that he is sorry. He says that there is a monster among us, and he knows how to fix it. He says that all he needs is five minutes to talk to Jim Cornette. We then recap the recent bad blood between The American Wolves and The House of Truth.

Main Event: House of Truth vs. American Wolves
We start off with No code of honor as Elgin and Strong start beating on both Edwards and Richards. They isolate Edwards in the corner by throwing Richards to the outside. They whip Edwards into the other corner and Strong charges at Edwards who vaults Strong to the apron. Elgin charges and gets kicked in the face. Edwards vaults Richards over, who takes out Strong as Eddie runs and slides under Elgin, blocks a shot from Elgin, and hits a backdrop facebuster on to Elgin. Davey comes in from the top and hits a huge missile dropkick. Edwards hooks a cover and a two. Tag to Richards, both chop and kick Elgin, whip him off the ropes and hit a double elbow for another two. Richards takes some shots on Elgin and tags in Edwards. Edwards with a chop to Elgin, and Elgin gives Edwards a chop back. Tag to Strong who’s in with more strikes on Edwards. Chinlock by Strong, gets admonished by ref for being in the ropes and lets go, taking Edwards to his corner where he tags in Elgin. Elgin goes for a suplex, but Elgin forces Elgin down and backs into the corner where he tags in Davey. Davey with many fast kicks to Elgin on the ropes. Elgin reverses a whip on Davey who handsprings off the ropes, but gets caught by Elgin who tags him with a torture rack backbreaker for a two. Elgin tags in Strong who starts nailing some strikes on Davey. Davey not having any of Roderick, battles back, whips off the ropes and in to a dropkick by Strong. Strong covers for a two, and then begins stomping on Davey. Strong tags in Elgin. Elgin and Davey battle with elbows, Elgin gets the better of Davey and covers for a two. Elgin hits more elbows then covers for another two. Elgin tags in Strong, and attempt a whip on Davey. Eddie gets a blind tag and Davey runs across and hooks on the opposite side. Elgin and Strong charge Davey who pulls the top rope down, sending Elgin and Strong sitting on the apron. Edwards and Richards whip off the ropes and both hit running kicks, sending House of Truth to the floor. Both men whip off again, and hit a double plancha on to Elgin and Strong. Edwards rolls Strong back in, kicks Strong for a two. Eddie chops Strong in the corner. Edwards whips Strong into the other corner and gets kicked. Edwards jumps and kicks Roderick, who hooks on to Eddie with a rear naked choke. Eddie charges across the ring with Strong on him, and hits a stunner like maneuver onto Strong to get him off. Eddie covers and after a two count, transitions it into the Achilles Lock. Strong quickly makes it to the ropes and grabs them. Eddie grabs Strong and tries to suplex Strong back in to the ring, but Strong is able to bring Edwards on to the apron with Elgin. Edwards elbows Elgin behind him, but turns around to a kick and a backdrop on to the apron from Strong.


We’re back with an Elgin stalling suplex onto Eddie. Cover by Elgin but Richards breaks it up at two. Elgin whips Edwards into the corner, and charges him, but Eddie elbows Elgin, and runs at him, right in to a lateral press from Elgin and a two. Strong comes in illegally and knocks Davey off of the apron. They both try to backdrop Eddie, but Eddie flips out of it and falls in the corner. Strong charges Eddie, but gets a boot for his trouble. Elgin charges in as well, but runs into a superkick. Eddie jumps off the second turnbuckle into a double facecrusher on to Elgin and Strong. Eddie tags in Davey, who quickly hits a double missile dropkick. Davey with two hard kicks to Elgin, the third one gets caught however, and Elgin elbows Davey. Davey goes for a whip, but Elgin is too strong and whips Davey instead. Davey flies in to Strong, and then rolls up Elgin, stands up so that Elgin’s legs are still around Davey’s waist, and then hits a Northern Lights Suplex on Strong, effectively pinning both Strong and Elgin. Two count only. Davey attempts a German Suplex, but Elgin reverses into one of his own. Davey flips out of it, and kicks Elgin in his side. Elgin catches it, and Davey rolls it into an ankle lock. Elgin reverses out of it and kicks Davey off. Elgin charges Davey in the corner but Davey rolls out. Eddie comes in with a kick to Elgin’s head, and Davey hits a German Suplex pin for a two. Davey kicks Strong off the apron, and both Davey and Eddie climb turnbuckles. Davey jumps off and catches himself as Elgin rolls out of the way. Strong on the other side knocks off Eddie. Elgin grabs Davey into a bear hug, and charges Davey into the corner, where he is met with a kick from Strong. Elgin with a tiltawhirl sidewalk slam and only gets two. Elgin lifts Davey up in a suplex hold and transitions it into a Uranage for two as Eddie breaks it up. Strong disposes of Eddie and follows him out. Eddie drives Strong into the barricade. Elgin in the corner, charges Davey, but Eddie comes in and makes the save. Strong back in shoves Eddie into the corner, a gets a corner of his own. Strong and Davey both charge at Eddie. Eddie reverses Strong into the corner so that Davey is there to knee Strong. Meanwhile, Elgin grabs both Eddie and Davey, hitting a Fallaway slam on Davey and a Samoan Drop on Eddie. All four men up, and have elbow battles. Davey kicks Roderick out and Elgin stuns Eddie. Elgin charges at Eddie, who lifts Michael up for a Davey kick. Davey and Eddie both up top, double stomp from Eddie, then another from Davey. Davey covers Elgin, but Strong is able to make the save at two. Eddie quickly removes Strong and Davey with strikes, leading to a huge buzzsaw kick from Davey on Elgin. Elgin spits on Davey as Eddie comes in with a superkick, followed by another buzzsaw kick from Davey. Davey covers Elgin again for another two, and Davey shoots right back up and hooks in an ankle lock on Elgin. Eddie and Strong fight on the outside as Davey wrenches the ankle lock on Elgin. Elgin rolls out of it, knees a running Davey in the face, and lifts Davey up with a sit-out powerbomb and a two count. Elgin hits another powerbomb, but the ref is outside admonishing Truth Martini for trying to interfere. Eddie runs in and gets Elgin in a dragon sleeper. Eddie puts Michael to sleep, and rolls out as Davey rolls over and covers right as the ref rolls back in the ring. One, two, three and Davey has it.
Winners: American Wolves

We close the program with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness talking about how they’ve never seen Eddie Edwards do a Dragon Sleeper, and that it must be a new move that his new trainer taught him.

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