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What did Evan Bourne get suspended for?

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that tag team champion Evan Bourne was suspended for a marijuana substitute drug, believed to be Spice.

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  1. Hipnosis says:

    He’s with Kofi Kingston….no suprise…

  2. Matt says:

    WTF he is suspended for smoking natural herbal blends (incense-spice)?

  3. dave says:

    Hipnosis…that’s a bit borderline racist wouldn’t you agree? Stereotyping at worst. But I get the joke..

    anyway, I think this suspension is a good thing. Even legal highs, or substitutes have a negative impact upon an athlete.

  4. J says:

    This surprises me and doesn’t at the same time. He doesn’t seem like the type to abuse drugs but then again he is with Kofi, and Kofi’s eyes are always bloodshot when he’s on TV.

    Maybe they should have tested Kofi as well.

  5. wwevstna says:

    @dave: you have absolutely no idea what your talking about. what negative outcomes can stem from smoking spices, or marijuana? its not as if he is smoking directly before a match.

  6. -J- says:

    Who is doing the test? I’d love to see the list of substances that can get one suspended in the wwe.

  7. TheQuietLion says:

    Wait a minute. You can SMOKE spices, too? (Bolts toward the kicthen)

  8. Robert says:


    “Spice”® not “spices”

    the former is a blend of herbs that have substances in them which make you stoned, but it’s legal since none of the herbs is marihuana or other illegal substances. However legal only means that the state can’t put you in jail for it.. it doesn’t mean that the company you work for has to allow it.

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