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Lesnar calls out Austin again

Brock Lesnar was interviewed by his friend and former manager Paul Heyman
to hype up the upcoming WWE ’12 video game where he will be part of the
roster. One of the questions asked by Heyman was if he had any favorite
opponent or maybe a moment that sticks out more than the rest. Lesnar turned
the question into who he never had the opportunity to go through – Stone
Cold Steve Austin. “There’s a guy that I didn’t get to go through. There’s a
Hall of Famer, there’s a legend that I didn’t get to go through and there’s
a guy that felt threatened by me at the time and there’s a guy that felt
that I had everything given to me,” Lesnar replied. “And that guy is Stone
Cold Steve Austin.” Lesnar said that looking back at the whole thing he
feels robbed that he didn’t get to wrestle Austin and that’s the one match
that he wanted to have. This is the second time that Lesnar called out
Austin since his deal with WWE – his first association since leaving the
company in 2004 – was announced for the video game.

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2 Responses

  1. Drew says:

    “there’s a guy that felt that I had everything given to me”

    Brock was WAY overpushed from the start, like a WWE version of Goldberg. At least Austin did it the right way by working his way up through WCW to ECW to WWE, and even then it was a few years before he became WWE champ. Austin is a legend and a Hall of Famer, Lesnar was just a flash in the pan who couldn’t handle the full-time schedule of a wrestler.

  2. Kyle Christie says:

    Sometimes i wish i wasnt a wrestling fan cause i dont have time for anything else other than it but its had a good impact on my life. There is a place about 30 min drive away from me called Fraserburgh pronounced fray-zer-bra. But it has the nickname of Broch pronounced Brock and my mum always says if shes going there im going to the Brock Lesnar or im going to the Lesnar. Kinda funny. Incase your wondering im in Scotland.

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