Ventura vents frustration with media, federal judge

Nov 8, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Jesse Ventura was a guest on today’s Alex Jones radio show. Ventura said he was scheduled for a CNN interview yesterday but was bumped due to the cover the Michael Jackson-Dr. Conrad Murray case. Ventura said he did another radio interview in which he was compared to Kim Kardashian, claiming that his suit against the TSA is a publicity stunt for his television show. Ventura said he feels the main street media is largely ignoring his case, pointing out its a constitutional issue. Ventura said he couldn’t be treated any worse in Cuba.

Ventura also noted that Federal Judge Nelson (who also resided over the NFL labor court battle) sat on his case against the TSA for months, knowing it would expire his statue of limitations, thus being able to move to the court of appeals. Ventura said he filed the case in January, but the judge didn’t make her ruling until last week.

Ventura said the main street media has misquoted him, claiming he was willing to give us his United States citizenship. Ventura said he wants dual citizenship with Mexico and the United States, as he now lives six months a year in Mexico.

Ventura did say he is scheduled to be on Judge Napolitano’s Fox television show tomorrow.

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