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News on Sean Waltman, William Regal, Zack Ryder and Jim Ross

– Jim Ross via Twitter: I’ll be in Boston next week for the 3 hour Raw & I will take the Michael Cole Challenge whatever it that is. Is it a setup? Does it matter? .. just had another tremor in Norman. aftershock of Saturdays 5.2 Earthquake. getting old but Mother Nature always wins. shock our sauce.

– Today is William Regal’s 25th wedding anniversary. Congrats to him and his beautiful wife Chris.

– X-Pac announced tonight during Raw: So Im hosting a Rumble VIP Party on Saturday, the night before The Rumble in St. Louis. Some more of my friends will be there as well.

– According to Joey Styles, the online petition for Zach Ryder to receive a United States title shot received over 10,000 signatures.

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  1. Meh says:

    That’s a lot of Ryder Riders riding Ryder who is average in the ring and has no type of ring style.

  2. -J- says:

    he got himself over and that’s friggin special wwwyki.

  3. James T. says:

    Watched WWE Raw last night during commercials an indy promotion advertised an interesting commercial. The only ones that were announced were Shark Boy, Carlito, Desmond Wolfe, Scott Steiner to the show. Don’t know of the talent that work there but going.

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