Jeff Hardy conference call notes

Nov 8, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Jeff Hardy conducted a conference call on Tuesday, promoting his return to the ring at Sunday’s TNA Turning Point.

Here are the highlights:

– Hardy said he works out more now than he has ever have in his career.

– Hardy said he has felt the forgiveness from the TNA locker room.

– He said he has felt better in the ring than he has in quite awhile.

– He said he is in no hurry to get back into the championship picture, but it is in his future.

– Hardy said becoming a daddy has definitely changed him.

– Hardy said it is the perfect time to take Impact tapings on the road.

– Hardy said he has a six o’clock curfew, and is on 30 months of regular probation.

– He praised the X-Division, and put over Austin Aries and said he has got it!

– Jeff said Matt is in good spirits. Jeff said Matt will focus on opening a wrestling school, and would make a great agent. Jeff said Matt will always be involved in wrestling, as he loves the sport more than he does.

– Hardy talked about Jushin Liger being a positive influence on his career.

– Comparing his TNA runs, he said he is happy they are getting out of Orlando more now.

– Hardy said he believe he deserves this opportunity to return to the ring.

– He slammed the local media coverage of his court case. Hardy said he would never give them an interview.

– Hardy said he is lucky to still be involved in wrestling.

– Hardy said he would like to be able to do the springboard again.

– Jeff said he is looking forward to doing more music with his band.

– Hardy said he has thought about writing a book.

– Hardy said he has enjoyed seeing James Storm and Bobby Roode being put into the title mix, refreshing up the top of the card.

– Hardy said it is important to interact with his fans, as he does at the TNA house shows.

– Hardy’s advice for young wrestlers is to be original.

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